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It is important that people complain

For us to make NZ into a better environment, for men, women and children, it is important that people complain vigorously and constructively.

I have suggested that NZ has a serious mafia problem, in terms of secret caughts, that pillage families and fail to do what Parliament allocates money to achieve.

The control mechanism intended by Parliament to protect citizens from secret mafia actions in familycaught$, has been setup to be ineffective and useless, but still expensive to taxpayers.

The Ombudsman Office has provided advice on how to make more effective complaints:

Teaching resources
These teaching resources are about the language of complaint. They are for teachers working with people who are not confident speaking and writing English and are free for anyone to use. You can use the leaflets and case studies on this page to help with teaching the topics. They were developed by a group of New Zealand complaint handling organisations including the Ombudsman.

Is it OK to complain?
Writing to complain
Where to get more help resolving a complaint
Complaining about goods and services

I hope this doesn’t sound cynical, but for the sake of maintaining good mental health, we must be realistic about the likely outcomes from our complaint.
Accountability that was never really intended to work !

Having warned about being realistic, improvements will only come from constructive complaints dressed up as letters, or protests, or debate in newspapers, or arresting lawyers or judges on their way about town.
Cheers, MurrayBacon – axe murderer.