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Madness or is it just me

Am I mad?

Umm just wanting to check my sanity. Associate Professor of Law at Auckland University Ms Julia Tolmie surely must be sane. Such an important position, such responsibility to be appointed to chair the Family Violence Deaths Review Committee.

Legal gap for battered spouses who kill

Moves to push for a law change allowing battered wives who kill their husbands in cold blood to plead self-defence are being considered by a government committee.

The Family Violence Deaths Review Committee says New Zealand is out of step with other countries in not offering at least a partial defence for women who kill their husbands after years of abuse.

How come then this reads as just madness to me???

I thought doing something like leaving a relationship, taking advice from a friend, phoning lifeline or Women’s Refuge might be sane actions but no Ms Tolmie seems to be advocating a more long term solution. It seems to be murder the B****** and claim he battered you and get a get our of jail card and probably an ACC payment as well.

I’m very concerned for my own sanity as this sounds like nuts to me.

I did assume that sometimes people may be so disturbed they can be found not guilty due to insanity but the end result is still very similar in that they get locked up in a forensic unit and may do an even longer sentence there than if they were convicted and sentended to time in the other pokey.

I see I must be going mad as the universe has now sent a huge earthquake to tell me to get off and stop my mad raving.