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Men Don’t Matter

In case we need reminding, men’s suffering of abuse, violence and disadvantage is often covered up while for women it is highlighted. Here are a few stories in today’s papers showing this.

In this story the male gender of the OFFENDER is headlined but the gender of the VICTIM was not considered worth mentioning, so we can assume the victim was a male. If the victim had been female her gender would have been headlined and/or emphasized, but we don’t want to let the public become aware that men are most often the victims of violence in our society now do we?

Man to be deported
10:43 AM Thursday Sep 26, 2013
A kiwifruit worker, who kicked a colleague in the face while wearing steel-capped boots breaking three of the victim’s front teeth, is to be deported to the Solomon Islands.

George Apong, 31, who earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of injuring with reckless disregard, was sentenced to five months’ home detention in Tauranga District Court yesterday.

Apong’s sentence has been deferred to allow Immigration time to arrange a flight to deport him.


In this story, same thing. We can assume the victim of violence at the hands of two women was male, because the victim’s gender was not mentioned. Unusually, the female gender of the violent offenders was headlined in this case; we often see news headlines that hide women’s offending and leave casual readers to assume it must be a male offender; we are certain this is sometimes deliberate. With these two women, assuming the police will bother catching them (after all, they are female so they can’t really be dangerous can they?), we await their excuses, attempts to blame their victim and of course the inevitable pussy passes.

Police hunt two women after taxi driver stabbed
By Teuila Fuatai
7:34 AM Thursday Sep 26, 2013 ✩
A taxi driver has been stabbed in Upper Hutt, leading to a search for two women whose images were caught on security camera footage in the cab.

The women, thought to be aged between 20 and 25, used a sharp object to stab the driver about 3am on Queen Street, said police central communications Inspector Chris Tate.

The driver received minor injuries and did not require stitches.

The women then ran off. No one was around to see what happened and the taxi driver alerted emergency services, Mr Tate said.

One woman has been described as Caucasian, and the other is believed to be Maori, Mr Tate said.

Police would be reviewing footage from the cab.


And another in which the male gender of the offender was headlined but the gender of the victim shopkeeper was completely overlooked. No such overlooking would have happened if the victim had been female.

Masked man fires shot during attempted robbery in Auckland
By Heather McCracken

11:27 AM Thursday Sep 26, 2013 ✩
Police say an armed, masked man fired a shot during an attempted robbery at a Dollar Dealers shop in south Auckland this morning.

The incident occurred the Southmall Shopping Centre in Manurewa about 9.40am.

Police said it was believed a shot was fired by a man wearing a mask, who is thought to have fled in a silver Toyota or similar car, with a number plate similar to BTJ459.

Police are interviewing witnesses and looking for the car involved.

No one was injured.


And we throw in this news article in which the journalist has tried hard to avoid mentioning the gender of the victim but slipped up once deep in the body of the article by using a male pronoun. You can be very sure that if this shop owner had been female her gender would have been emphasized and some interest would have been shown in her distress and welfare following this assault. But hey, it was only a man so let’s not concern ourselves.

Whangarei business owner assaulted by thief
11:11 AM Thursday Sep 26, 2013 ✩
A Whangarei business owner has been assaulted by a thief who made off with several hundreds worth of synthetic cannabis.

Police have now released a security camera picture of the man involved in the robbery of the Brew Shop in Whangarei.

A man entered the shop on Vine St, walked up to the counter and pulled out a drawer containing psychoactive substances – commonly known as synthetic cannabis, about 6pm on August 9.

The shopkeeper attempted to stop the man taking the items. However, the man assaulted him and the shopkeeper let go.

The thief then left the shop with several hundred dollars worth of the synthetic cannabis. He was seen to arrive in a white 1990 Toyota Corolla and there was at least one other person in the vehicle.

Anyone with information on this robbery or who can identify the person in the photo can contact Constable Mark Andrews at the Whangarei Police on 09 430 4500 or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111 .

Oh, and we add this news story headlined “High-level review into suicide prevention likely”. As with almost all news stories and releases about suicide (which kills more people than the road toll), this story completely fails to mention the gender breakdown of the suicides it refers to or that suicide is mainly a men’s issue. The proportion of men killed through suicide is about the same as the proportion of women killed through partner violence, yet any story about partner violence will always emphasize the role of gender and will usually treat it as a women’s issue. But for a problem that harms mostly men let’s not mention this. We wouldn’t want people to get any idea that men are suffering or disadvantaged in any way, or to learn of the factors leading men to see themselves as so worthless as to kill themselves in large numbers. If this new review is anything like previous suicide reports, we look forward to the denial, obfuscation and mental gymnastics that this new report will entertain us with in its efforts to avoid addressing the gender issues involved and the need for male-focused interventions.