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More Dishonest Spin from Women’s Refuge

FYI, our letter to journalist Simon Collins regarding this recent article about Women’s Refuge complaining because they are not getting their way completely.

Really Simon, I expected you to rise above such spin rather than spread it. Women’s Refuge are not being “kept in the dark” about proposed changes to family law. Judith Collins has already announced the back-pedalling concessions she is prepared to make, and that she does not wish to abandon other changes including removal of the Bristol clauses. Reframing “we are angry because we’re not getting our way” to “we are being kept in the dark” is typical of the dishonesty we have come to expect from Women’s Refuge, and it’s sad that you have allowed yourself to collude with it.

It’s very difficult for me to understand why journalists and especially you would choose to avoid giving fair representation to the facts and arguments from the men’s and fathers’ side. Significant events and issues raised in our media releases are routinely ignored by most news media. Your recent longer article gave cursory attention to our arguments (for which crumbs we are however grateful) and now you provide further voice for fake claims by Women’s Refuge and their demand that they receive special treatment from the legislators. No mention that other groups such as men’s and fathers’ groups have also been given no special audience by the Minister (except perhaps lawyers who always seem to hold a lot of sway in government circles), or even that not one dollar of support is provided by government for men’s refuges at all.