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Roast Busters

The events of the last few days have seen shades of village green rising across the country as the Roast Busters story unfolds. Flaming torches and pitch forks are not going to promote any level of understanding as to why this has happened – I would suggest quite the opposite.

If there is any attempt to understand this behaviour it will be claimed as the sole right of women to analyse, understand and remediate society to protect women from sexual abuse.

Any man publicly attempting to do anything other than express condemnation, can only expect to be vilified for daring to offer an opinion, but the thing is men will talk about this in smoko-rooms and pubs and if men are publicly shut out of the debate – and the solution – then all that can be expected in return is disapproval and a level of indifference.

The group concerned will be seen as men and girls/victims not as immature teenagers – this is in accordance with the prevailing attitude in our country where it is common and acceptable for women to display a general contempt for males.

Because this has come into public view via social media there appears to be an accompanying assumption that this is a single isolated incident and I would put money on that not being the case.

So, men standing back and remaining silent while the incident makes its way to a public lynching is neither productive for society or for the future of our children – that’s what these kids are – children that we haven’t taken care of.

There are no winners here, male or female, when young people in their formative years engage in sexually motivated encounters as a form of entertainment.

This situation is not understood by our view or perception of what has happened. Society is being conditioned by the experiences and memories of the participants in this behaviour, not by our opinions.

What is happening here doesn’t surprise me. As parents we have had our authority and control usurped by an academic state that holds the belief that it not only knows better, it can do better.

I have a vivid memory of Helen Clark and John Key standing almost hand in hand on the public stage, like mother and father of the nation after the amendment of section 59 of the Crimes Act, which removed our parental authority. There was a lobby group that wasn’t happy to accept that a few parents would fail and now will have to watch a much greater number of our children fail.

As serious and discouraging as this might be what will happen next is quite predictable.

First, we’ll see some statistics depicting the state of crisis.
Second, we’ll come up with some academic literature.
Third, there will be the demands for funding the remedial do-gooders that can fix this.
Fourth, we’ll lynch a few coppers for not doing their job.

Last we will have a few taxpayer funded investigations while the majority of us will go back to sleep. Other kids, who now know not to advertise this on social media, will keep doing what they are doing.