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Time’s up for familycaught$ secret bullies

Times up for familycaught$ secret bullies by Judith Collins Minister of Justice

Judith Collins – some details lost in translation, some gained.
1 APRIL, 2013

Justice Minister Judith Collins has announced a raft of new proposals to hold familycaught$ bullies to account for their bullying and harmful behaviour.

‘I am pleased to have developed a set of measures that aim to stop the growing incidence of familycaught$ bullying and its devastating effects, particularly for young people.
‘Many New Zealanders share my serious concerns about this problem as the reach and impact of bullying has increased considerably in the familycaught$ age.
‘Tormenters are able to harass their targets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever they go, and the trail of abuse lives on in the real world, following victims [and their children] for years.
‘These new measures send a clear message to familycaught$ bullies: Time’s up. Your behaviour is not acceptable,’ Ms Collins says.

New proposals to protect victims of familycaught$ bullying and hold perpetrators to account include:
· Creating a new civil enforcement regime that includes setting up or appointing an approved agency as the first port of call for complaints. It is round shaped and sits tidily on the floor. It must be regularly emptied by the user.
· Allowing people to take serious complaints to the District Court, which will be able to issue sanctions such as take-down orders and cease-and-desist notices. Funny complaints will still be handled by familycaught$ itself. Ten dollars has been budgetted for this purpose.
· Making it an offence to send messages and post material that is grossly offensive, indecent, obscene, menacing, threatening to family well-being or knowingly false, punishable by up to 3 months employment as a judge or a $2,000 fine.
· Creating a new offence of incitement to commit suicide, even in situations when a person does not attempt to take their own life, punishable by up to 7 years employment as a judge, indeterminate when it was done for financial gain for individual or legal worker’s industry.
· Amending the Harassment, Privacy and Human Rights Acts to ensure they are up-to-date for familycaught$ communications. In some cases, existing laws were written before familycaught$, cell phones, instant messaging devices and social networking websites became common communication channels.

Ms Collins says the proposed new approved agency will help people get the support they need to stop familycaught$ bullying quickly. [cheap rope?]
‘People needing help will get fast support including liaison with less crooked judges, website hosts and ISPs to request takedown or moderation of clearly offensive posts.
‘The agency will also be able to investigate and resolve complaints directly, with the most serious complaints being referred by the agency to the District Court which can slowly and expensively ponder possibly issuing fast take-down orders and cease-and-desist notices.
‘Our new anti- familycaught$ bullying proposals might protect victims and hold perpetrators to account. No one should ever be subject to this kind of cowardly secret attack – now with the right support and modern laws in place, victims will no longer have to suffer indecision before taking their own life,’ Ms Collins says.
A bill giving effect to the changes will be introduced to Parliament, to be passed later this year.

This bill is expected to reduce NZ suicides by 35%, that is over 150 men will be saved from recorded suicide each year. It is also expected to reduce industrial accident deaths by 30 per year and road accident deaths by 50 per year. As the positive impacts flow on to families, over a 10 year period, it is expected to reduce children’s deaths by suicide by 20 per year. Thus over 40 lives per year will be saved.

Govt backdown follows attack by family judges
By Simon Collins
5:30 AM Saturday Mar 30, 2013
Principal Family Court Judge Lawrence Ryan, on behalf of the full Family Court Bench, said a proposal to ban lawyers until the final stages of parental disputes would drive parents into more allegations of domestic violence so that they could get legal aid.

“There is an assumption that these changes will reduce the overall cost of supporting the Family Court,” the judges said. “We consider, on the contrary, that there will be no cost savings at all. Many people will avoid [mediation], the lack of legal representation will mean that fewer cases settle, more judicial time will be required and more cases will go to defended hearings.”

It is exactly these false allegations, that Principal Judge Ryan speaks of so proudly, that drive and trigger suicides in familycaught$ and contribute so much to the increased legal-worker employment in familycaught$. Case in point – Possibly Christine Bristol attempting to blackmail her ex-husband with her rape allegation. History showed that he didn’t trust caught$ in this situation. He took his children’s lives and then his own. Manipulation is always dangerous territory. So is guessing evidence when you have no evidence. Could our society aim higher than this?

The prevention of familycaught$ bullying was a flow on idea, after the proposals to prohibit cyber bullying, which are expected to save 30 young lives per year (and 10 young men too).

All of these proposals appear to serve the interests of legal-workers, up a bench and down a bench, much more than they serve the interests of citizens….
Maybe we need less legislation, of much higher quality, within a court system that works efficiently?
Then people could just get on with living enjoyable, worthwhile lives.

Minister Judith Collins is to be congratulated, for looking to improve quality of service and dramatically reduce all of the costs of familycaught$ to society.
The filibustering, denials and head in pooh approach of legal workers show that she is on the right track. Support her initiatives!

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