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Women’s Refuge talks up domestic violence

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“We know that New Zealand offenders score very highly compared to our Canadian counterparts and we’re very concerned about that,” says Kiri Hannifin of Women’s Refuge.

The origins of ODARA as shown in a previous post are Canadian and relate specifically to marital assaults by husbands on their wives.

The modified version of ODARA used in New Zealand relies on data collected from both heterosexual and homosexual couples and also data collected from dating couples as well as couples in a relationship. The sound track states that the ODARA data related specifically to 14,000 cases amongst the total statistics.

The ‘seriously worse situation’ in New Zealand is Women’s Refuge comparing apples to oranges because it will look good on their funding applications.

If the ‘seriously worse situation’ acknowledges a broader data capture of female assaults male and female assaults female in relationship settings, both inside and outside the home, surely there must be some recognition and funding of those volunteers dealing with the casualties of female violence.

“The more information we have as experts in the field, the more we can do to make a difference,” says Ms Hannifin.

It is not hard to show with a small amount of research that Women’s refuge expertise lies mainly in misleading advertising.

Police are still figuring out the nuts and bolts of ODARA. But eventually it could be applied in the justice system, particularly for bail hearings, to rate the risk of someone reoffending.

We had a post a little while back which related to a High Court decision about Police Safety Orders. At Last A Victory of Justice in Domestic Violence Act Proceedings

Is this a way to circumvent an officer’s presence in court by providing manufactured evidence?

More, sensationalist claims by interested parties, that these results are produced by an internationally recognised system. The modified version of what the New Zealand Police are trialling is not used throughout Canada or in England or Australia.

Crap journalism @ TV3 reporter By Laura Macdonald.