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Archive of July 2014

Minimum Wage and Feminist Entitlement

Thu 31st July 2014:

When it comes to election campaigns and gender politics there are only two policy positions, female and gender neutral; and yes, that is just a different way of saying there are no male specific policies, but is that true. If there were male specific policies you would expect them to be gender positive – I’d […]

Identify domestic abuse before it turns violent

Wed 30th July 2014:

She doesn’t have to hit you for it to be abuse:

Join MoMA in Wellington on 1st August

Sun 27th July 2014:

Please join MoMA in Wellington when we raise awareness of men’s issues in the lead up to the election. We have sent the following invitation to various MPs and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs: MMA MINISTRY OF MEN’S AFFAIRS MINITATANGA MO NGA TANE A Community Group because successive governments have neglected the voice and welfare […]

The Feminist Effect On Culture Jokes

I would like to blame the Aussies for starting it, but history tells a different story – yes, this goes way back. Even, back past the Condom War. You haven’t heard of the Condom War?

Many shades of Gay

Sat 26th July 2014:

In a recent post first NZ gay marriage fails questions were asked as to whether this site was anti gay-men and if that particular debate was homophobic; distinguishing politics from the personal does not reside ouside of discussions on homosexuality, even if some would have us believe that. New Zealand is no stranger to the […]

MP Hauiti’s ‘big Boo-Boo’ a Blatant Pussy Pass

Thu 17th July 2014:

National MP Claudette Hauiti, previously warned about breaking Parliament’s rules by employing her civil union spouse (presumably on a state payroll) in her electorate office, has now been caught out using her parliamentary charge card for completely personal travel to Australia and other illegal spending. She has not been disciplined and has been allowed simply […]

First NZ Gay Marriage Fails in Less than a Year

MoMA has nothing against homosexual people and strongly supports their right to get on with their lives without discrimination or abuse. The history of horrible violence against gays (ongoing still in a number of countries) shows human irrationality and cruelty at its worst. However, the pathetic performance of NZ’s first same-sex marriage couple highlights the […]

Men Blamed for Women’s Wrongdoing

Here’s an interesting case. A lawyer is suspended for 9 months (is that a pregnant pause in his career?) for certifying a separation agreement that he knew the woman was being forced by her husband to sign. It seems from the Tribunal’s decision that the woman approached the lawyer to have a separation agreement signed […]

The Marlborough Express – A Paper with a Backbone

Tue 15th July 2014:

The Marlborough Express has today released an opinion piece that reveals just what’s at stake with regards to the Labour Party’s proposed changes to the our justice system. It’s refreshing to a see a newspaper refuse to be a dead fish in a populist tide. If you have a Stuff account, be sure to leave […]

VonDadelszen/Family Court grievances

Mon 14th July 2014:

I am interested in hearing from those that have grievances with either VonDaelszen and or the Family Court, grievances will need to be clear acts unbecoming of a FCJ such as contempt of Court, breach of Human Rights Act/ DV act/ CoC act etc. I will be taking significant action for such acts myself, the […]

Domestic Psychological Abuse

Nice post by an ACT candidate. Not sure if she’ll get enough percentage to enter parliament, but should be interesting to see what her response to my question is: ———- Excellent family-oriented approach for tackling domestic violence. What are your views on the domestic psychological abuse carried out against the males? Society still has not […]

The Fourth Estate – feminist style

The Fourth Estate as we know it today generally refers to the media. It has been an evolving entity since the concept came to life in the middle ages, with the progressive development of social structures. It depends on whose interpretation you prefer as to who or what the first three estates represent; there are […]

Political outcomes by gendered reporting

Sun 13th July 2014:

Many times throughout the life of this site authors have raised concerns about media reporting, and often blatant reporting, of news written to favour women or to demonise men. After years of harping we less often see the obvious one liners like ‘the deadbeat dad’. But there is something more sinister afoot when it comes […]

Children most often killed by mothers

Very interesting article. With some percentages that clearly shows the Labour party needs to brush up on their research skills.

The Labour Party’s War On Men

Sat 12th July 2014:

Please invite all your friends to like and share, locally and internationally, to raise awareness on this upcoming issue in this country.

The Essay of Tania Billingsley

Fri 11th July 2014:

The Essay of Tania Billingsley is published at TV3 the source of the quote below: This matter arose out of allegations by Billingsley against a Malaysian diplomat who fled the country under diplomatic immunity. Regardless of the diplomatic circumstances the possibility of the alleged offender’s return was still being considered as was an application by […]

Wanted: A new Partner ….

Thu 10th July 2014:

Like most men, I seek an intimate relationship with a woman. Unfortunately, I am family court tainted, and seek only a woman who is fully my equal. Equal. Similar age; similar education and qualifications; similar income; similar asset base; similar debt ratio; similar religion; similar criminal history (i.e. none); similar driving habits (i.e. rarely receives […]

The conceited Cunliffe and the ingratiating editor

As the saying goes, a week in politics is a long time. Yes, it is less than a week since Cunliffe made his declaration of shame – apologising for being a man – and the media fisticuffs for the moral high ground is showing no sign of losing intensity, case in point this editoral from […]

NZ Labour – The Feminist Election Campaign

Wed 9th July 2014:

As one commenter reminded us recently, Barack Obama won his last presidential campaign by chasing the female vote. I have made the point before that feminism is not a viable economic model, and taken to its natural conclusion there will be a point, at which it breaks the back of the federation – obviously that […]

Rape accused would have to prove consent under Labour plan

Tue 8th July 2014:

Story here: Rape accused would have to prove consent under Labour plan Labours Justice spokesman Andrew Little thinks the 1% conviction rate of sex cases shows the system is broken. Rather than a trial Mr Little wants; 1. No defence council to question the victim. A judge would do it. 2. Wants the defendant to […]

Sex Contracts

Mon 7th July 2014:

Not sure what we are getting into here. But these ‘sex contracts’ seem like a awesome idea. Written consent to navigate around the ‘guilty unless proven innocent’ concept 😛

The rise of the man-child

There is a growing trend of men who are beginning to realize the risks around the concept of marriage. Feminists claim that women who do not want to marry are ’empowered’, and that marriage is an institution that gives rise to abuse.

The Politically Unrepresented Male

Those who pay attention to New Zealand parliamentary debates will be well aware that there is seldom if any male perspective offered in our debating chamber to balance the overwhelming feminist dogma that has become a visibly dominant and mostly unchallenged voice – and even when challenged – that generally concerns financial priority and affordability […]

NZ Labour abandoning men

Sun 6th July 2014:

It is interesting to follow the evolution of the New Zealand Labour Party, from its originally fractured beginnings in the early 1900s, through a long period as one of New Zealand’s two main political parties, and now its descent toward being one of the participants in our fractured left wing of politics.

Rolf Harris Assassination By Long Prison Sentence Seen As Obligation

Sat 5th July 2014:

This site has strangely been silent over the fate of Mr Harris. Even if Rolf has taken advantage of girls under the age of consent, is 5 years and 9 months a fair and right sentence for an 86 year old man and his 20 to 50 year old historical crime?

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