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Archive of September 2014

The Men of Middle Earth

Mon 29th September 2014:

Affectionately named Middle Earth after our involvement in The Lord of the Rings production, one can’t help thinking, that to the rest of the world New Zealand might look like the scene of one of Tolkien’s legendary battles, following our recent and ugly parliamentary election; just how you would characterise the Labour Party after their […]

Are All Men Pedophiles?

Sat 27th September 2014:

This documentary is a great study into male sexuality. Be sure to watch it past the end credits for a commentary by the Director Jan-Willem Breure. The amount of information on female sexuality has nearly filled the universe so this doco is very welcome. Male sexuality hardly gets a mention other than the negative aspects. […]

The Killing Power of Feminism

Fri 26th September 2014:

Election 2014 for New Zealand is over. It’s been an interesting election in many ways, some of which are discussed on this site in posts over the last 6 months while others are so not relevant to us here; collectively this has been overwhelming, in the media and on the outcome of the election, but […]

Child Support and Salary Sacrifice. Are they F’n Serious!!!!!!

Thu 25th September 2014:

Hi Folks, Well there I was thinking I could salary package my car and try and save a bit on tax and running costs each year. But, stupid me hadn’t realised, until I read the following article , that if I salary package my car I will have to pay even more in Child […]

Social Workers Day – lest we forget

Wed 24th September 2014:

Courtesy of YAHOO NEWS – Comments were disabled (no surprises there) Social Workers Day a time to celebrate – PSA PSA, Fuseworks September 24, 2014, 7:49 pm The Public Service Association (PSA) is celebrating Social Workers Day today, and congratulates the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers (ANZASW) on 50 years of being the […]

Men’s Rights Sydney

The MRS website It’s a terrible acronym, isn’t it. Maybe even worse than MOMA (Ministry of Men’s Affairs). They exist, it’s a point of contact, and they hold meetings. So if you’re a male escaping New Zealand and headed to Sydney, could be a good place to start. Men’s Rights Sydney usually meets once a […]

Non Resident for Tax Purposes. Does IRD still enforce Collection now that she’s abroad permanently?

Tue 23rd September 2014:

Sorry about the boring title folks but I am a bit curious about how IRD can force me to pay Child Support after the mother has been out of the country for a year or more. The mother of my children has taken my 2 kids to Canada to live permanently. All 3 (her and […]

NZ IRD make a spectacle of Terry Serepisos

Serepisos arrested at airport: Bankrupt property developer Terry Serepisos says he is “flabbergasted” after being arrested at the airport over a few thousand dollars in unpaid child support.

Emma Watson Delivers Stirring Speech at U.N.

Mon 22nd September 2014:

Late night browsing…okay not that late and came across this one……maybe someone finally gets it

A Feminist adjustment in New Zealand Election

Sun 21st September 2014:

Old sayings are often a reflection of a different era and in effect become modern day myths. One such saying that comes to mind is that men only vote for their wallet. When they had families to support they may have been more inclined to do so, but this election has put the saying firmly […]

Internet Mana Feminist Party

Fri 19th September 2014:

It came out loud and clear as far back as July that election 2014 was going to be the election of the feminist, or so THEY thought. Most of the relevant posts can be accessed through a previous post New Zealand Labour and the Feminist Election Campaign. The post election analysis is going to be […]

NZ Labour and the Feminist Election Campaign (2)

Wed 17th September 2014:

This is a discussion that started back in a July post NZ Labour and the Feminist Election Campaign The election wallpaper is pretty much all hung now and the pre post-election analysis is already beginning – as you can see in this article from Duncan Garner. There are some interesting points coming out of a […]

Who’s Lying, Who’s Self-Justifying? Origins of the He Said/She Said Gap in Sexual Allegations

The Woody Allen sex scandal of 2013 triggered a national conversation on who to believe, with people lining up on each side as if they knew what really happened. Based on recent research on how people navigate the often tricky waters of sexual negotiation, Dr. Carol Tavris shows that it is entirely possible in some […]

Dad’s evening in Wellington – Father & Child Trust

Mon 15th September 2014:

Father & Child are making a second attempt to get a branch started in Wellington.

Family Court Lawyers ‘Feral’

Sun 14th September 2014:

Steve Taylor, who is eighth on the Conservative list, and will make it to Parliament if the party gets 6-7 per cent of the vote, is vowing to advocate for “radical change to the fractured and toxic matrix that is the New Zealand Family Court” if he is elected. He also promises to name offenders […]

Increasing Drug Deaths for Men

Something that has become apparent to me during the last year is the sea change in the British Media around the reporting of men’s issues. I am not making any claim that their media has lost all sexist bias, but certainly there has been a significant change in the nature of their reporting. When I […]

No vote for New Zealand Prisoners

Sat 13th September 2014:

The subject was discussed recently in The Rights of Men (2) Quinn’s Act passed in 2010 introduced a blanket ban removing the right of a prisoner to the vote. The law has been challenged by an Auckland Prison inmate, Arthur Taylor, as being inconsistent with our Treaty of Waitangi and our Bill of Rights. A […]

The right of the child to know

Wed 10th September 2014:

Many men who have visited the MENZ site will be interested in this decision which relates to birth certificates. STUFF NEWS artice: the truth will shock boy The complete article is quoted below:

The Rights of Men (2)

Today we have an interesting case being heard in the New Zealand High Court, on the right of a prisoner to vote. Not a prisoner, eh … … not expecting to be a prisoner anytime soon? … doesn’t affect me? Go back to The Rights of Men.

The Rights of Men

We often talk about the disposable male; I attribute this phrase to Warren Farrell, but only because that’s where I heard it first. In being disposable the corollary is that male rights must also be disposable. Just to be clear, I am not talking male rights v female rights (which we often compare on this […]

Lotto Fathers Day promotion

Tue 9th September 2014:

Sexist or not. The 2014 lotto promotion for Fathers Day featured 20 prizes….. The 2014 lotto Mothers Day promotion featured 100 prizes…… I have asked lotto why, but as yet have not received a reply…….

Important info for ALL young MEN

Mon 8th September 2014:

What I have learnt in this life is- 1. Injustice or the the lack of justice is unavoidable. 2. Justice is finite. It is estimated there is only 2 billion tons of justice in the universe.

Child Support 103 – What Remains of John

Tue 2nd September 2014:

The continuing story of John the Grain Farmer and The Drained Man. It was a small funeral, mostly the grain farmers from the hostel. The children sat with their mother, listening intently to the few men that got up and spoke about John, hoping they might hear a little about the father they never knew. […]

Child Support 102 – The Drained Man

The continuing story of John the Grain Farmer. John was too old to be a farm labourer now, and nobody wanted to hire him anymore – he had no choice but to move to the city. He didn’t like the city but he hoped he could find work there. The officer of the city always […]

Child support 101 – The Grain Farmer

There was once a grain farmer named John, who worked hard on his land and produced 10 tons of grain a year. His wife became annoyed with him, saying, the land was his mistress and that he did not pay enough attention to her. She took their children and moved to the city. John’s wife […]

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