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A Feminist Party?

When I saw this article the other day it confirmed my thoughts – the ones I’ve been sharing in recent posts – that we are now seeing an overt feminist political-position.

Internet-Mana is a feminist party. No I didn’t say that. They did.

Dr Pani Farvid, an Iranian-born psychologist at AUT, [The Party’s gender issues spokeswoman] proudly told a women’s election forum in Auckland last night that the Internet Party was “a feminist party”.

Any man in the party that had put his hand up for gender issues spokeswoman would have a big ‘D’ clearly visible on his forehead – it could only be a woman.

“The urgent task of advocating genuine gender equality is one of our top priorities,” she declared.

Sounds like we’re going down the Red Fems path here.

It was Kim Dotcom that started all this and perhaps he should reflect on his own words:

But it’s become my problem because all my rights are being pissed on and I’m being abused.

Your mother may have been your hero, but are you up to speed yet buddy – now the rights to open your mouth, have an opinion, and crack a joke have gone too.

Oh and by the way, you need to be retrained.

“He is not perfect. He is not the party, he’s the founder, but we are a feminist party. He has apologised himself, I’m not excusing him, that sort of thing is not OK, absolutely. He just doesn’t know any better and he should.”

Of course only women are perfect, but the big German is not the only one affected here. Mana leader Hone Harawira has been put in touch with the feminist side of his party’s new alliance too.

Why the long face Hone – we haven’t seen a smile on your face since you announced the political alliance between Mana and Internet Party.

Poor old Hone must feel like he’s taken out a protection order out against himself “¦ and having to pay his lawyer in slices of mana.

He’s been arrested (figuratively speaking) for the psychological abuse of his opinion. He’s being told what he can and can’t say and when to speak and when not to speak – fast becoming the child of HIS party; a child who should be seen and not heard.

[Hey, naughty boy. You got told, eh.]

Laila’s got him well and truly on a leash, with the choker pulled up tight.

Perhaps the definition of Mana Muncher needs to be expanded to include Red Fems.

What ya thinking now, Hone?