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And news just in from the UK

Unbelievable: It has just been revealed by the Guardian newspaper that the male suicide rate is 3 1/2 times that of the female suicide rate in England.

Of course I am not suggesting that the rate of male suicide is unbelievable, it is a headline that contained not only the word


or the word


You’ve spotted it too haven’t you?

OMG! The words …

Male and Suicide

… appeared in the same headline.

I am yet to read the article; I hope this isn’t someone’s sick idea of a teaser, to head some other story.
Update: Just got to the sub headline, you won’t believe this …

Samaritans says men at greatest risk in 40-44 age bracket as Office for National Statistics reports 4,590 male suicides in 2012

No, no, I am not suggesting that you won’t believe the accuracy of the report – it’s the earth shattering concept, that we know has eluded our own media for donkey’s years – the ability to report a fact. Imagine applying this principle to child support.

This is too exciting.
Back again. You’re not going to believe this, well you can’t believe everything you read in the news, (when half of it comes from politicians) but surely this must be accurate.

The study conducted by the University of Bristol and the Samaritans has funding from the Department of Health policy research programme.

This is a health funded project – amazing.

I have got to get back to the story.
Back again.
I was just about to read on and I had a sudden thought; who wrote this article?

    Haroon Siddique

is a news reporter on the Guardian website. He previously worked for North London institution the Ham&High, and before pursuing his passion for journalism he was a commodity trader in the City

I am not sure what to make of this. On one hand he may have avoided the dogma of feminist jouranlism indoctrination – allowing him to consider being a male sympathizer – then being a commodity trader, perhaps he is a realist too.

You can trade dead meat to eat, but not dead men to work.

But back to the story – there may be more.
[picks himself off floor, rearranges chair, sits back at computer]

Wyllie said that since 2007 the overall rate had risen, “tracking the economic climate”. She said: “While we are pleased there hasn’t been an increase [from 2011], we must not be complacent.”

Someone reporting that someone gives a shit about male suicide (you can understand why I fell off my chair) but it did also have the sobering effect of shaking me back to reality.

This happened in another country, not New Zealand. Lots of things happen in other countries that don’t happen in New Zealand, but it was a grand thought, and just for a moment I had this vision of a New Zealand headline …

Male Suicide Devastating for NZ Society