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Andrew Little, Feminazi’s New Top White Knight

In one of his first statements, possibly his very first, about matters other than his freshly elected role as leader of the Labour Party, Andrew Little showed his true colours. He sided with feminist ideology against Roger Sutton, calling for him to be kicked much harder for his so-called ‘sexual harassment’.

Sexual harassment used to mean either (i) attempting to gain sexual participation through overt or implied threats or promises to use one’s authority to punish or reward; or (ii) repeated sexual or personal requests, references, comments or actions after the subject has made it clear those behaviours are unwanted. Regarding Sutton’s case, one article made it clear that he had not been informed that his behaviour was unwanted, and that the complaint against him came as a shock and surprise. From his point of view and his wife’s, he was simply being his usual light-hearted self with no intention of harassing or upsetting anyone. In the absence of any communication to him that his behaviour was causing discomfort, it was nasty for someone to go straight to his employer with a formal complaint. From the response of Iain Rennie who censured Sutton then later stated it was the ‘right’ thing for him to resign, to that from many feminists and white knights who have complained that Sutton wasn’t kicked enough (and some who have described this vindictive, back-stabbing female worker as ‘brave’), to the comments of white knight Andrew Little who now also demands that Rennie be sacked for not kicking then muzzling Sutton hard enough, we see that ‘sexual harassment in the workplace’ now means ‘anything a female co-worker says she doesn’t like’.

It’s amazing that all of those who competed for Labour’s top job talked about listening to the people and changing its approach and policies to restore its support, yet Little now totally ignores this and immediately gets back on Labour’s official white knight steed to defend feminist honour by slaying men and male nature. This has got him off to a running start, backwards. Looks like Little Labour will become even littler.