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Blackmailed Man Commits Suicide

Story here.

Angie Rose Wilson your actions have led to the death of this man.

What ide really like to know is did you plan the consensual sexual relationship in order to make some cash from the outset or did you come up with a the plan afterwards?

I am surprised you didn’t call your prostitution rape like some do. I’m guessing you thought it best to try the blackmail path first and you didn’t get the chance to execute the false rape complaint because he killed himself.

OK so you say you are sorry now. But if you really are you would recall the decision and ask for a custodial sentence. A few months on home detention sitting in front of the TV plus a couple of weeks PD in exchange for a dead man. I think you got real value for your deeds.

Seems the Judge thinks you selling your body in exchange for money and threating all sorts of malice is equal to your crime. I do not.

My thoughts and support is for the victim and all the male victims of these sorts of crimes who continue to have the lives belittled by unequal punishment.