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Boost in rape convictions wanted

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Why is it considered that the low conviction rate for sexual offences is letting so many women down? Interesting Yvette Cooper only says woman.

Yvette Cooper must think the jury gets it wrong all of the time. Maybe she would like to change “beyond reasonable doubt” to something less like “possibly be guilty”.

Perhaps she would like to introduce a law where she can veto a 12 person jury and set things straight to match her own narrow personal beliefs.

The “possibly be guilty” system is already active because the courts allow his name to be published which wrecks him and his families’ life long before he has his day in court.

No matter how you ague it – men are way more vulnerable today than any woman. They go through far more trauma than any woman does. Suicide, loss of family, friends and job. Financial ruin is set to automatic on an allegation alone when name protection is void.