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Budget 2014

Budget 2014

The Government has fairly successfully managed the costs and social upheaval associated with Christchurch Earthquake.

The budget has addressed large tax cuts to the top end of earners and generally not addressed tax evasion, particularly by corporations and wealthy individuals. These problems pervade the western world, as a result of ownership of political parties right across the spectrum, by extremely wealthy individuals. This conflict of interest can only be addressed, by tracking back all major donations to political parties and publishing them, after each election. This budget has not addressed these conflicts of interest. One example of such influence, is the Sky City ‘gambling deal’.

The budget has constructively addressed housing costs, supply and quality.

The budget has assisted parents, by subsidising costs of medical treatment, for children under 13 years.

In essence, the budget has assisted custodial parents and ignored the plight of non-custodial parents, in the main fathers. This is disastrous, as the largest single deficit causing problems for children, relate to the lack of effective fathers in their lives.
The budget has given assistance to custodial parents, in a form which doesn’t give any incentive to not deny the children access with their fathers. Children’s restricted access with fathers being the root cause of the biggest set of difficulties that hundreds of thousands of children face and imperil their appropriate social development.
The budget has given incentives to custodial parents, to increase the supply of children, but perversely, further encourages them to lower the quality of children supplied and their wellbeing.
Similarly, the budget has not addressed the quality failings in CYFs and in familycaught$, that endanger so many of our children. Parliament has never quality checked the performance of CYFs and familycaught$ and allows them to operate far outside of the legislation passed by Parliament.
Solving these major quality problems in familycaught$ and CYFs will require more than just legislation. A hands on direct management of familycaught$ and CYFs will be required to turn around these serious drags on NZ society to give proper benefit for all children.
The largest problem facing NZ’s development as a country, is the arrested development caused by the poorest skilled 15% of parents. This causes poor scholastic performance, poor employment performance and unemployment and limited wellbeing affecting many citizens quality of life. All of our caught$ require aggressive quality management, to raise them to acceptable minimum standards of performance.

This problem is presently growing, completely unmanaged.

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