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Child Support – Has anyone taken the IRD to court over assesment?

I have just had my “assessment” for the next year arrive in the mail yesterday. What I am bewildered about is that the IRD gives me a “living allowance” of $288.00 a week? The average rent for a 3 bedroom house in Auckland is $550.00 a week on it’s own let alone food, power, water, transport. petrol etc. How the hell do they expect anyone to live on an allowance of $288.00? This is so out of date it’s ridiculous. The more ridiculous thing is that they give me a living allowance of $288.00 yet they want me to pay over $400 a week in “child support” for my 2 year old Son?!?!? How can this possibly be justified? Child support should be just that.. support for the child. How can a 2 year old possibly cost over $400 a week? This is not child support, this is criminal support going to my nasty ex-wife. Has anyone actually taken the IRD on the definition of child support? Surely the support of a 2 year old can’t be almost double what they give me as a living allowance? Child support should be a set amount depending on the age of the child, not worked out based on my income. Children cost the same amount to raise no matter how much money you earn. I am seriously thinking of taking the IRD to court over this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers! : )