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Increased reporting of sexual abuse of men in New Zealand

Stuff report open for comment

The headline may lead to the assumption that the article refers only to men abusing men

Clearwater said nearly half of the survivors he worked with had suffered abuse at the hands of women.

“It’s a massive problem, we need to get more support for men – we’re the only agency in the country that have been doing this work.”

It may also lead to the assumption that this is an increase only in historic reporting

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike McCarthy said men were now more likely to report sexual assaults – recent and historical.

“Most victims do not report sexual assault because of fear, shame and beliefs they will be blamed.”

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust national manager Ken Clearwater said there had been a big change in attitudes toward men as victims of sexual violence, including among police.

“We have guys that two or three years ago would have been laughed out of the police station.”

What exactly is the nature of female sexual abuse on men?
What type of abuse is being reported?

What one man accepts or thinks is normal female behaviour another man may consider abuse.

There must be information available somewhere (surely) that outlines what men should consider sexual abuse and for that matter what women should read as unacceptable behaviour.