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NZ Judge – Women’s domestic violence and anger OK

This is a staggering article that brings to life the feminist philosophy that many people cannot accept exists in the Family Court.

Worse the article highlights the disparity between what would normally be considered intolerable domestic violence and what is increasingly being considered acceptable female violence.

A woman who caused knife wounds to a man and to the 14-month-old baby he was holding at the time has been granted a nine-month home detention term.

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There is a clear indication that the female victimology that is afforded women that (requires that men be punished for the emotional harm caused by ‘their violence’) is not taken into consideration when the offender is a woman.

At the sentencing in the Christchurch District Court today, Judge Jane Farish noted Chandler could remember little of the incident because she had been so angry at the time.

The judge said she had now received reports covering psychological and physiological issues which meant significant credit could be allowed for Chandler, enabling a home detention sentence to be considered rather than a jail term.

She said that victim impact statements showed that the injuries to the two victims had not been lasting or serious.

You weren’t badly damaged, away you go, get on with life.

This is feminist bullshit on paper entering the justice system to excuse female aggression.

The sentence is not being determined by a judge – it is a feminist white-wash on domestic violence by a few report writers in the background.

This is what we pay judges for?

One day someone will still have to explain to the baby where those scars came from – perhaps it was a boy and it doesn’t matter.

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