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Rape reform advocate & professor gets $701,500 to explore barriers to reform

Criminologist Jan Jordan author of ‘The word of a woman’ has just been awarded $610,000 + GST to explore barriers to rape reform.

The money was awarded from the Marsden Fund.

Jan Jordon an advocate for lowing the threshold well below the standard of any other crime to hopefully allow more men to be jailed for suspected rape.

Why not get someone who is fair and balanced and has not yet formed an opinion before they set out on this quest. See Jan’s over-priced book here called “The word of a woman“.

It is my opinion the only barrier to lowering the threshold any further is the public knowledge of;

1. The constant flow of false rape complaints.
2. Statements being renamed as evidence when they are just statements.
3. Clear identification of police rewriting evidence.
4. Massive rewards from ACC.
5. Easy prospect for a scorned woman who has not been raped to settle a score.
6. Silver bullet to resolve custody disputes.

I don’t think Jan Jordan even considers the male victims of false complaints or unwarranted trials. Seemingly being 87% of the time when trials are held and the males name is released way before the trial. How about doing a study on the make victims and their families!