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Rhiannon Brooker – Cries Rape 11 times

Brooker is now standing trial for 11 false claims of rape and nine of assault, two of which include imprisonment allegations.

The dangers of being a man …

Rhiannon Brooker, 30, falsely accused her boyfriend of repeatedly raping and assaulting her, which saw him arrested, charged and held in custody for 30 days.

It then emerged that she (the trainee barrister) had used the allegations as “extenuating circumstances” in a failed attempt to dodge her (bar) exams, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Acidic feminists who rail against oppression in their perceived rape-culture should be up in arms demanding severe jail sentences for these self-centred misfits who minimise rape for their own advantage, but you will never see this because minimising the man is totally acceptable to them.

For the rest of us average minions living in this age of equality, is it time we looked at a specific offence for false accusations of rape?