MENZ Issues

So If she takes my 2 children to Canada to live do I still pay Child Support??

OK, so it seems that the mother of my children is taking my 2 kids to Canada to live and I will have no knowledge of where they will be living and no contact details whatsoever. I live in Australia which is irrelevant really because she blocks my access to them when I visit NZ and there is no history of violence or abuse on my part.

There is to be a Court case about this in several weeks but she has already booked the flights and I can’t imagine the Family Court refusing her request to be allowed to take the kids to Canada even though my youngest isn’t even 15 yet.

If I knew what her new address in Canada was going to be I could apply for an Admin Review under Ground 5 i.e. It costs more than 5% of the child support income amount to enable the paying parent to have contact with the child. But, if the Court fails to force her to provide me with the kids contact details and fails to enforce a Parenting Order (which I’ve recently applied for) I probably can’t even apply under Ground 5 because I will have no means of accessing my children. Can I please have some feedback on this because it’s doing my head in and I don’t know what to do? Thank you!