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Toothpaste accomplice.

Please can anyone help with this very difficult situation i am in ?

I am a tradesman here in chch and i have recently been accused and charged with assault.
My partner has started an argument when I returned late – and then after attacking me with an electrical cord and then a wall hung mirror, she then rubbed toothpaste into her chest and neck area then scratched through the toothpaste and gone to my neighbour and claimed that i assaulted her.she has claimed in her statement to police that she was grabbed by the throat and thrown to the ground then held down as she was savagely and repeatedly beaten with punches and kicks, yet she stated that she was somehow otherwise completely uninjured apart from a few scratches and redness to her chest and neck.
The police took a photo of her chest showing redness (rash)and scratches and decided her story was legitamate.(or didn’t care )
The evidence photo shows a few scratches and redness to her chest and neck. But it also shows something else very strange.Somehow oddly , the skin on her hands has changed in colour with a distict yellowing of the skin and a grey purple coluring to her knuckles which looks only similar to the skin on a dead body.I have a very similar skin type and only have experienced this colouring to my skin during severe cold conditions.And even then not nearly so severe. it wasn’t cold.
From some online research i have descovered that toothpaste contains mono laurel phosphate which is a surfactant or foaming agent. This surfactant is highly irritant when applied to skin and i surmise that toothpaste scrubbed into the chest area causes a form of dermal shock that causes blood to drain from limbs and rush to the chest area creating a rash and simulating injury.
Im certain that my partner has used this ploy before and I need to find evidence that the toothpaste has caused the strange skin discolouration. Or find those she has done it to.
I’ve never been accused of assault and have no other charges. Previous or current.

I spent 50 hours in custody.then returned home to find some of my belongings packed in my car and ordered not to return.

Of course I’m angry with police handling of the matter.
But that’s not going to help me prove my innocence.
I have heard of this toothpaste trick described once before from the very same woman and once by her former friend. Apparently as I recall it even has a name.-when she “grabs her neck”.
I’m almost certain she has done this to others and will again unless I can prove pergery.
If anyone can help in any way please email me. Or reply to this post.
I have had a quote of around 8 thousand for representation from a barrister.
So it looks like I’m defending myself.
Its intimidating as I’ve not had any court experiences.
Any advice or referrals are more than appreciated.
Has anyone heard of this cunning ploy to destroy a mans life and reputation and future. ?