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US slayings expose sick world of misogyny

Remember Elliot Rodger, the deranged 22 year old student who a few days ago killed 6 people before taking his own life?

In an article titled US slayings expose sick world of misogyny published by, Washington Post reporter feminasty Petula Dovrak has this to say:

Elliot Rodger has exposed the sick world of the Men’s Rights Activist movement, self-described “alphas” who fume about any and all the times they don’t call the shots with women, specifically the air-brushed, inflated and photo-shopped creatures they assume are there for them.

What please has Elliot Rodgers got to do with the Men’s Rights Activist movement? And where does it say MR activists describe themselves in such ways? Who at decided to publish this crap?

Petula Dovrak is a threat to society and should not be on the loose until she’s completed a 26 week understanding-and-accepting-men course.