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Violence Towards Men, Homeless or Otherwise

Men have long been the most frequent victims of violence and the most severe violence. While feminists don slut clothes to march demanding safety from attack on the streets (and fair enough too), the truth is that a sole male out on the streets of our cities at night is more at risk of violent attack than is a sole woman. She may be at risk of sexual assault from small proportions of men and women who would do that, but he will be at risk from the greater proportion of men and women who would not assault a woman but would see it as sport to ‘take on’ a man and subject him to some concentrated expression of their general anger. Over recent decades, promotion by feminist groups and indeed our governments of an attitude of blame and denigration towards males has worked very effectively to reduce empathy and understanding towards men and has encouraged both men and women to view the male gender as worthless and deserving of hatred, disregard or violence.

An especially horrible example of this has been violent attacks on homeless men. Three of those attacks over the last year have been fatal, the most recent example arising last weekend when the body of violently-attacked 49yo Maqbool Hussain was found where he was sleeping rough behind a shop in Balmoral, Auckland.

Maqbool Hussain’s back story was unpleasantly familiar to many men. His wife left him, plundered his assets and the business he had built up, and abducted his children back to her country of origin. He will still have received heartless demands for so-called ‘child support’. Whatever extent to which he may already have had a drinking problem, these losses appeared to have driven him to a life of destitution and self-medication for his emotional pain. Women can legally steal a large proportion of the fruits of a man’s labour then enslave him ongoing, and they are frequently allowed to wreck his relationship with his children as well. She simply has to point a finger at him with unsubstantiated allegations in order to have many basic civil rights stripped from him and/or have him treated by society as a leper thereafter. If she assaults or kills him this is likely to be seen as relatively ok and his own fault. Like all other areas in which men are disadvantaged (e.g. homelessness, addictions, imprisonment rates and conditions, severity of sentences, life-span, workplace injury and death, fatal illness, suicide, military deaths), legalized exploitation of and violence towards men by women is minimized or ignored by media and most in society. But these are all simply representations of the same misandry that leads people to think it’s ok to violently attack or kill vulnerable homeless men.