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Archive of March 2015

Not Sure

Thu 26th March 2015:

I don’t know how to title this post. Dive squad return to search for missing boy It does need some discussion!

Please recommend a Child Psychologist experienced with writing reports for the Court

Hi guys, Could you please recommend a Child Psychologist experienced with writing reports for the Court?

Search continues for missing 11-year-old

Wed 18th March 2015:

Since when was a “suspected” breach of a parenting order a nationwide witch hunt?

Dear IRD…

Tue 17th March 2015:

Dear IRD , you win, we lose, goodbye. this will be on a number of peoples headstones from now on. simple.

Ex’s Lawyer – Filed application to withdraw as counsel on record (Update of Revamp family court – Part 4)

Ok, so those who have been following my updates…. last post ( Have had a lot of activity on my case in the last 2 months, from a directions conference where ex’s Lawyer and Lawyer for child got dragged though the coals for this continuing to be going thought the court as it should be […]

Penis transplants

Sat 14th March 2015:

Successful transplant operation although it may not be quite what you think.

Is Fatherhood A Wise Choice?

Thu 12th March 2015:

This article provides a wealth of wisdom for any male who contemplates having children. If after reading this you still have a desire to proceed, please visit a therapist first. Whilst children have the potential to bring great joy and meaning to your life, this article clearly shows that the social structure now exists for […]

Do you want to know what a REAL MAN is?

Tue 10th March 2015:

Do you want to know what a REAL MAN is? A real man does not get into a situation where he has to pay tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers just to see his own flesh and blood on a regular basis. A real man does not subscribe to the mentality […]

Hike in Child Support upsets a female

Mon 9th March 2015:

BRILLIANT!!! However hard I try not to appear sexist, the mainstream media gives me no options.

Men Should Become Feminists?

Emma Watson Watson, 24, a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, used International Women’s Day to add impetus to the HeForShe campaign that was launched in September last year and encourages men and boys to join the fight for equal rights. So far around 240,000 men have pledged their commitment online, according to the HeForShe website, […]

Course – Working With Men Affected By Violence

Fri 6th March 2015:

Working With Men Affected By Violence Training Program Friday March 20 9.30am – 4.00pm Cancer Society New Zealand, 52 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington Flier for convenient printing

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