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Archive of October 2015

Women muscle in on men’s sports

Sun 25th October 2015:

Watched the rugby semi final All Blacks vs Springboks. Not sure what interviews were shown after the match on NZ television but the broadcast we saw involved an English female interviewer questioning the captains and others. She asked inane questions with hackneyed comments about the Springboks ‘asking a lot of questions’ of the All Blacks […]

Media may be recognising the public mood

This editorial from the Herald on Sunday expresses criticism of Welsh police handling of an allegation against Mils Muliaina, in a rare departure from our media’s usual white knight feminist propaganda. It deserves some supportive comments we think.

The Fortunes of Men

The fortunes of men (and I’m talking about the male of the species here) have waxed and waned throughout history, but there have been some defining moments. Over the years some of those have been mentioned on this site. What do you think are the defining moments in history for men, both negative and positive?

Paternity and Your Genes

Paternity is not in your genes, it is in your sperm. Source story: The guts of this story is that your genes and the genes in your sperm can be different. The same can apply to a women and her eggs.

Can anyone spot what’s missing from this report ?

Sat 24th October 2015:

Given the path that other recent similar cases have taken, I’m surprised the Police haven’t acted …. Maybe they have, but it’s not mentioned in this article? Know what it is ?

Control the male own the female

Thu 22nd October 2015:

For centuries man has been domesticating animals for his own use. Whether it is for labour or production of food, control of the male is a key factor. If there is a danger, in most cases it will come from the male – shoot the rogue animal. In modern day New Zealand, where there are […]

Single Fathers, Solo Dads and Social Services – Anonymous Survey

Tue 20th October 2015:

Sharon Yella of AUT is currently conducting an online anonymous survey on single-dads’ experiences and perceptions of social services. Last year, Sharon did a study that showed that single-dads weren’t always treated right by organizations such as CYFS, WINZ and even Plunket. From this she realized we needed more voices on the topic about family […]

What’s a male fairy tale? (A philosophical view)

Mon 19th October 2015:

Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess, “Will you marry me ?” The Princess immediately said, “No!” And the Prince lived happily ever after, and rode motorcycles and dated thin, long-legged, full-breasted women, and hunted and fished and raced cars, and went to titty bars and dated ladies half his age and […]

NZ Prison Suicides Experiment 1984 to 1988

Sat 17th October 2015:

Illustration of Hazards From Failing to Monitor a New Social Programme Effectively This analysis presents the prisons situation as an experiment. The managers in prisons might choose to view the situation as resulting from prisoner violence, causing withdrawal of psychologist’s services, due to inability to safely protect the psychologists from violent prisoners. Both viewpoints have […]

Trust in professionals

Thu 15th October 2015:

I have often commented about my views on the professionalism and skills of the peoples working in familycaught$. Although occasionally complimentary, most of my comments suggest that there might be room for improvement. My views are only those of a poor axe murderer, so I have little social credibility for my poor judgements. I have […]

Urgent: Precedents for Custody Retrials

Wed 7th October 2015:

Just found out that at 0900 tomorrow morning I must represent myself in an Urgent Application for the retrial of my Children’s Custody Trial which took place last week. All my statements and that of my eight witnesses were disallowed* by the Court so a very one sided custody trial took place. Only the mothers […]

Latest Suicide Rates Bad and Still Covered Up

Tue 6th October 2015:

FYI, our correspondence: MMA MINISTRY OF MEN’S AFFAIRS MINITATANGA MO NGA TANE A Community Group because successive governments have failed to respect the voice and welfare of New Zealand men PO Box 13130 Tauranga 3141 [email protected] Phone (07)5712435 or (0274)799745 6 October 2015 Ms Moira Clunie Director of Programme Design and Delivery Mental Health Foundation […]

Morality and Law

Thu 1st October 2015:

1. If a woman is fighting off a rapist, should she be able to use maximum force and take his life to defend herself? i.e. Shoot, knife or bludgeon him. 2. If a man finds his partner has fallen pregnant to him and he decides he no longer wishes to proceed with the birth of […]

‘Lorde’ just another man-hating bitch

For those men like us who have celebrated Lorde’s spectacular rise to fame and fortune, consider her latest music video. It shows her exchanging ‘love at first sight’ glances with a man who is already partnered, then running into his arms to be sexual with him behind the partner’s back, then at the end of […]

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