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Book Launch of Murder that Wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze

Last night we held the official launch for Felicity Goodyear-Smith’s new book: Murder that Wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze.

Felicity Goodyear-Smith at book launch of Murder that Wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze

In the foreword, Law Professor Mark Henaghan and Professor of Psychology Harlene Hayne from the University of Otago write:

This book chronicles the real harm that can be done to an individual and their family when medical professionals, investigators and prosecutors appear to make assumptions about an individual’s guilt and then consider only the evidence that appears to support that outcome…

This book is a salutary reminder of how the fact-finders’ mindsets can influence their acceptance, rejection, recall and interpretations of objective scientific and medical data, so that alternative explanations that are more consistent with the evidence are never considered or adequately tested…

This book should be compulsory reading for all police investigators, Crown prosecutors, criminal defence lawyers and frontline medical professionals.

Marie Dyhrberg QC spoke in praise of the book. She made some very interesting comments about recent cutbacks to legal aid, which could prevent falsely accused defendants receiving a fair trial in the future.

George Gwaze also spoke:

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