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Family Hero Falls Ill

19 February 2015


Ministry of Men’s Affairs spokesman Kerry Bevin says that many kiwi men and their families will be saddened by Jim Bagnall’s terminal prostate cancer.

“Our Jimi is a family hero. For years he has championed the rights of fathers and their protective role towards children.”

“Jimi understands absolutely the abuse of parental alienation and has also fought for mothers to see their children.”

Bevin met Jim Bagnall on the Men’s Convoy 2004, trying to redress the punitive child support on thousands of fathers.

Jim Bagnall remains highly critical of the Family Court that still accepts untested allegations in custody disputes and operates in secret. He has supported parents as a Court-approved McKenzie Friend in 200 cases. He has also set up a Trust to provide continuing support.

He insists police “safety orders’ eject fathers from their homes without proper justification.

“There are no refuges for these distressed fathers to go to either” Bagnall said. Although now seriously ill, he remained concerned about family and gender issues.

“Moves towards family mediation have failed.”

“Psychological violence employed by women provokes domestic violence and harms the children.”

“Look at the recent case of a man jailed for hugging his son in a carpark.”

Bevin stated “Jim Bagnall will be a lasting inspiration to those who believe in real family values and want the law based on gender equality. Children’s right to have both parents involved in their lives must be protected.”

Bevin is disappointed that Jim Bagnall’s name has not yet been put forward for national honours for supporting the family.

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