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Gender News Update

Here’s a female psychologist suggesting that men should be complaining as much as women about being parents. She thinks men should be as self-centred as women rather than being grateful for their blessings and having a strong commmitment to their duties. Interesting stuff especially the readers’ comments.

Here’s another pussy pass, as normal for a female. Rose Kupa streaked naked onto the field during the second half of an All Blacks test against Argentina last year and on the way she slapped fullback Israel Dagg on the backside. If a naked male slapped a female athlete on the bottom, he would likely be imprisoned and he would definitely be placed on a sex offenders register. But this woman was given only a ‘pre-charge warning’ and became ‘an internet sensation’. The newspaper’s headline made light of her offending by humourous reference to her ‘naked ambition’. And the rugby club that hosted the match was fined for her behaviour! Great. Go girls, and remember, girls can do anything (and usually get away with it, someone else held responsible) but you can still keep complaining about all that claimed discrimination against women. It’s interesting too that male nudity is still treated as more objectionable than female nudity.

And yet another pussy pass was seen in this incredible case. Helen Potter received a very lenient sentence after being convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice by trying to pressure a complainant not to give evidence. The Crown appealed her sentence as being insufficient, unusual for any female criminal. The Court of Appeal agreed her sentence had been ‘manifestly inadequate and inappropriate’ but then left that sentence unchanged regardless! What?!!!

Anti-male hate speech group ‘Shine’ is bringing Reeva Steenkamp’s mother to NZ, no doubt to claim that her daughter’s death was a murder due to male power and control and to promote fear and hatred in women towards their male partners. This is the mother who, when her daughter complained that Oscar Pistorius was speeding, told him “And I said to him, ‘if you hurt my baby, I will have you wiped out’. Oh, but aren’t males violent! We can predict that ‘Shine’ will exploit the Steenkamp tragedy to encourage women to interpret all manner of normal behaviour in men as being ‘indicators’ of ‘power and control’ and risk. A male dares to refuse to do what you want, dares to argue with you, or on the other hand doesn’t argue but ‘shuts you out’, or if he thinks he should have any say about how the furniture is arranged, or if he dares not to like any of your friends, or if he dares to object when you want to entertain male friends privately, or if he doesn’t treat you like the princess you really are, or if he dares to breathe in your presence, this is ‘power and control’ and you should be worried that he might murder you. Reeva Steenkamp’s mum deserves compassion but anyone in that position will find it difficult to see things rationally. The judge was able to weigh up the evidence and reasonably concluded that Pistorius did not murder Steenkamp but shot at someone unknown to him knowing this might cause death, and sentenced him significantly for this. However, as with NZ’s Louise Nicholas, Mrs Steenkamp ignores the Court’s careful findings and just goes on telling the story as she would prefer to have it believed.

This unpleasant male David Witchall was convicted of rape and has a history of violent and other offending. Most would agree that he deserved to be imprisoned and significantly so. However, his sentence of over 9 years’ jail was more than many people receive for killing someone in a way other than murder. Should sexual offences be punished more harshly than manslaughter or other killings? Well, they are and this definitely reflects a feminist witch-hunt against men.

As was the case for this man in England who committed the heinous crime of rubbing himself up against a postal box for sexual stimulation. He had to pay the ‘victim’ – no, not the post box, but the woman who didn’t have enough neck movement to look the other way when she noticed a man involved in auto-eroticism. Also, his name was placed on the British sex offenders register and, no doubt due to this, he was found dead apparently from suicide a short time later. Fair enough, it’s inappropriate to behave sexually in public, but the disproportionate, paranoid response to minor transgressions like this amounts to a modern witch hunt against men.

Auckland councillor and National Party member Linda Cooper abused a male who dared to call out her hypocrisy in seeking political brownie points at the Gay Pride parade after she previously supported allegedly anti-homosexual policies. Among other denigrating insults she told the male “Get a grip little boy” and “…try not to be such a judgmental little cock”. She later apologized but her wording was unconvincing. A complaint about her conduct will be investigated by the Auckland Council and you can be sure she will get the usual pussy pass. Imagine the consequences for a male councillor who insulted a woman using the common profane reference to a woman’s genitalia! It’s interesting that references to male genitals in order to insult are still treated as ok but similar references to female genitals are considered highly offensive. You behaved as an arrogant, nasty, ugly CUNT Linda Cooper. Oh, sorry if my comment caused any offence.