MENZ Issues

Social Policies Seminar in Auckland

Welfare fit for families in a changing world

(Retirement Policy and Research Centre)

08 September 2015

9am – 5pm

Venue: The University of Auckland Business School, Lecture Theatre OGGB5, Level 0, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland

The wellbeing of the poorest families appears to be at the heart of Government policy, yet the primary focus of this Government has been workfare, not welfare. Are there different policy directions that better meet the changed demographic and economic circumstances of families in the 21st Century?

At this summit, expert presenters will lay out the problems for families and children that arise in the current approaches and policies, but their main focus will be on new directions.

A perspective on the state of welfare reform in Australia will be offered by Dr Ben Spies-Butcher, a senior lecturer from Macquarie University, NSW.

Presentations on health and housing, disability, Working for Families, transitioning from benefits to work and debt, and a panel session on specific topics and strategy, will suggest policies more appropriate to the 21st Century, and will be followed by audience discussion.

In the final session, Families Commissioner Len Cook will draw the threads together and suggest a way forward.

This event is co-hosted by the University of Auckland’s Centre for Applied Research in Economics (CARE), the Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health, and Child Poverty Action Group.

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