MENZ Issues

Titanic Syndrome

This is a media release from the Ministry for Men (Formerly Ministry of Men’s Affairs):

“Titanic Syndrome’ Destroys Males

A spokesman for the Ministry for Men (formerly Ministry of Men’s Affairs) claims the “Titanic Syndrome’ is destroying males in NZ. The Ministry for Men is a community group because successive governments have failed to protect the voice and welfare of NZ males. The National Government has never sought advice from men’s groups. The earlier Labour Government promoted women’s welfare through the Ministry for Women (formerly the Ministry of Women’s Affairs) with funding that has now topped $100m.

“The majority of frozen bodies in the sea when the Titanic sank were men. Women were deemed more important.”

“As males in NZ sink into poverty, homelessness, slave labour, financial entrapment, judicial persecution and emotional abuse the pile of suicided male bodies is four times that of females. Our society is the Titanic.”

Ministry for Men believes outdated anti-male attitudes have been embedded in social policy and family law. This sexism breaches the basic human rights of males to be treated equally under UN charter. It is particularly harmful to boys. Gender equality in NZ is a nonsense. Blatant sexist bias favours women. An urgent review is necessary to balance and modernize gender issues as male suicides accumulate above the annual road toll. This is a disgrace in the civilized world.

“Affirmative action’ for men is vital to counter the damaging effects of sexist policy. These policies have delivered family devastation and a dysfunctional society that enquiries have failed to address.

“The sexist discrimination against males is mind-boggling, morally bankrupt and financially and socially ruinous for the country” says the Ministry for Men.