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UNCROC report by MOJ

Hey all, I havent seen this mentioned here so am wondering who is following this, attending the HRC workshops and who will be making a “submission” on the MOJ’s report that it will submit to the UN. I began reading it last night, up to about page 30 and have already picked up 30 points that are in direct contradiction of the treatment of how me, my child and our family have been treated by the MOJ, the FC, the NZ Judiciary and the outcomes of FC proceedings that have seen our bond destroyed and the actual DV and perjury committed by the mother of the child being ignored by the entire government which not surprisingly portrays its handling of Childrens rights in a vastly different light. I believe this is an opportunity for those of us who have had our rights as parents and guardians unlawfully taken from us, as well as our childrens rights being taken from them, to have a voice and make the failings of the MOJ FC and NZ Judiciary more publicly known. I will certainly be voicing the facts in regards to the failings of those involved in our proceedings and those in government who have demonstrated they really dont give 2 f%^ks. If people can file a submission I would be keen to compile them and issue a paper regarding the FC’s failings. THIS IS OUR GREATEST OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD YET!!!!