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What’s bad about gay marriage?

Help me here please! There must be something about the above debate I just can’t get. Marriage is a tradition from the earliest societies when humans had developed the cognisance to understand the importance of creating a safe environment for their offspring to develop in. Couples, of opposite sex, were the only ones able to create children. That’s what made marriage such a strong and sacrosanct institution. WTF has marriage got to do with benefiting adults at all? It is an institution that demands responsibility and accountability in order to protect the children and not, as is often put forward, to show love between couples.

Once again I see signs that the needs of children are being neglected in favour of catering to the desires of adults. This debate has zip to do with morality and everything to do with raising happy children. I haven’t the time to write more but if you take the time to debate this subject you will find that many of the weak and often invalid arguments put forward for gay marriage have the same roots as those used by feminists to justify their pernicious ideology.