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White Ribbon Day: Misguided, Confused, Duplicitous

On this auspicious offensive occasion of 2015’s display of blatant sexism called White Ribbon Day, we might consider the following characteristics of this campaign.

Misguided: The supporters of White Ribbon generally seem to think they are socially responsible but their campaign and its implications are socially irresponsible. The beliefs encouraged both implicitly and explictly by the White Fibbers are factually incorrect and socially divisive. Many people believe that women suffer most violence in our society and the only violence worth being concerned about, and that men cause almost all significant violence. Fibs.

Confused: Many of those marching, riding, speaking in support of White Ribbon think it’s a family violence campaign. It’s not. It’s a campaign wanting people never to commit or to be silent about violence but only when it’s toward women. It was inspired by a lunatic who killed a number of women in a college mass shooting, which was in no way family violence.

One speaker today was reported to include his concerns about suicide in his White Ribbon commemoration! Unbelievable. 3.5 times more men than women commit suicide. More men commit suicide than NZ’s entire road toll. And the White Ribbon Campaign is now a leading source of male blaming and male denigration, thereby contributing significantly to male suicide. A good start likely to bring about a quick reduction in our suicide rate would be to make this misandrist campaign illegal.

Duplicitous: A media story on this White Ribbon Day reported that an advertisement in Australia had been taken down because it sought to employ several ‘beer wenches’ whose job would be to fetch beers for and have light-hearted fun with a group of men at an Aus-NZ cricket match. Various people expressed disapproval of what was seen as bad taste and objectification of women. Australia like NZ has a law against specifying gender and age in job advertisements, and although in this case it was actually discriminating against potential male employees, the nature of the job was seen as demeaning and discriminatory against women. So there is a law against discriminating on the basis of gender in a job advertisement, but it’s ok to discriminate on the grounds of gender in a major campaign that is actively supported by many government organisations. Heavy duplicity there.

MoMA encourages people to take the pledge never to commit or be silent about male denigration, a fashion that’s killing a huge number of men through suicide, several times more than the number of homicides.