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Archive of May 2016


Sun 29th May 2016:

Hi Dads, There is hope. 1154 days since my wife absconded and abducted my son to another man, full custody and care and control of my (nearly) 4 year old son was given to me by the Court. To stay in the struggle to win my son, I lost my daughter, my company, my airplane, […]

Suicide Rate May Be Three Times Greater Than Recorded

According to this article in the NZ Herald, coroners only rule suicide when it’s very clear the person intended to take ‘their’ own life. Otherwise, deaths are classified in a different category such as ‘accident’, or the cause will go down as undetermined, an ‘open verdict’. Of course, the Herald’s article failed completely to mention […]

Suicide – A Male Mental Health Problem

Saturdays Stuff article focused on suicide. In particular a 10 year old boy whom I won’t mention here. The article written by Laura Walters did not have a comment area. One graph compared male to female suicides. In any given year male suicides each year are say 400+ while female suicides are about the 140 […]

You don’t need academia to be a Professor if the subject is Feminism!

Thu 26th May 2016:

Angelina Jolie Pitt will be joining the London School of Economics as a visiting professor to teach a new master’s degree course. Jolie Pitt—an actress, director, and currently the UNHCR’s Special Envoy—is one of four new visiting professors who will contribute to the master’s program run by the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, which […]

Smoke, mirrors and millions of dollars going astray

Tue 24th May 2016:

The article here by a woman in OZ tells a story I’ve suspected for years… Smoke, Mirrors And Violence Against Women It doesn’t even start on the millions spent in Womens refuges, nor does it count the amounts spent on or by maternity wards, midwives, plunket and CYFs actively excluding fathers from their childrens lives, […]

Calling out False allegations of rape

Sat 21st May 2016:

A new study shows how pseudo-victims’ claims differ to those of true victims. Last week, the Irish Independent reported that a former nun named Nora Wall, who was wrongfully convicted of rape and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1999, would receive over €500,000 in compensation. Wall’s case was especially shocking, because the prosecution used a […]

Another embarrassing collusion deprives a dad in NZ

Admittedly a foreign diplomat, none the less a Dad whose children were in NZ has been deprived of his rights due to a collusion between the police and the family court….

The Tide is Turning

Mon 16th May 2016:

The population of NZ is becoming much better informed and aware of the b.s. that has been driving gender relations and law for 5 decades now. Occasional articles are starting to appear using reason and fact to challenge the bias, hyperbole and falsehood spread by feminists. Whereas even five years ago many readers’ comments had […]

Family violence victims who kill abusers should have self-defence claim: Law Commission

Sun 15th May 2016:

Victims of family violence who kill their abusers should be able to claim self-defence more easily, the Law Commission says. The commission’s report on family violence laws, requested by the Government, has recommended lowering the threshold for self-defence to help women who “have endured years of trauma and abuse”. In its report, the Law Commission […]

Academic Records when Child is in another Country

Mon 9th May 2016:

Hi, My daughter is currently living in Canada with her mother and has dual Canadian/New Zealand citizenship. She’s under 18 and is still at school. I am concerned about her welfare and one of the few ways I have of keeping tabs on her is to try and build a relationship with her school. Last […]

Urgent Court Wednesday : How to Access Family Law Precedents

Hi guys, Have Court on Wednesday 11.5.16. Need to provide the Court with print outs of the decisions/orders made by the Court in the following cases. How can I find them please to print as a pdf to show the Court?

NZ Herald’s White Knight Series on Family Violence

Sun 8th May 2016:

Those who haven’t read the NZ Herald over recent days may have missed its ongoing series on family violence. It’s typical misandry and misinformation, for example in yesterday’s editorial. The first case used to discuss NZ family violence was of Emily Longley who actually was murdered in England by an Englishman. What’s really interesting though […]

‘Mercy’ Sentence for Female Offender

This news article was posted by Kumar as a reply under a recent thread but we agree with Allan Harvey that it deserves its own thread so here it is. A woman planned and attempted to murder her three children and white knight Justice Paul Heath rode to her rescue, going to great lengths to […]

A Gays view of feminism

Wed 4th May 2016:

This interview on the Ruben Report states many of the facts we mention here on this site. However, what I found most interesting is that the messenger is gay …..oh what a lovely articulate way Milo delivers his points.

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