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Archive of June 2016

Father, Estranged, Homeless…..and dead

Thu 30th June 2016:

Stuff story here:–reports …and reprinted, in part, below as Stuff have a history of letting material “expire” or just disappear. Probably no big surprise to many of the readers of MENZ that we have yet another dead father, Daniel Binder, in the news. Too early to draw any factual conclusions as to the reasons […]

Would an E-legal book help you to represent yourself in NZ Family court, is this enough?

Wed 29th June 2016:

E-legal book will help you to represent yourself in NZ Family court, is this enough ? I think when a father representing himself, will need more emotional support by being abused psychologically by the Family court and police process , not only the legal part . Stuff news Link

Human Factors involved in working as a judge

Tue 28th June 2016:

(This theme arose from incisive comments made by MoMA, in the post about Child Neglect Bomb in the Brain. I thought that this issue is one of the critical issues that would need to be addressed, if the familycaught$ was to be successfully functional and serve NZers.) MurrayBacon says: Wed 15th June 2016 at 11:46 […]

Suicidal Men are Martyrs

Mon 27th June 2016:

Huge numbers of men are evicted from their families and homes, lied about, had their hard-earned assets legally stolen from them, deprived of meaningful involvement with their own children, and exploited to contribute ongoing to the lifestyles of the women who, with the encouragement and facilitation of government policies, laws and agencies, brought about these […]

One Ombudsman Resigns Early

There must be an interesting back story to this. White Knight Boshier takes office as Chief Ombudsman and within a short time existing Ombudsman Ron Paterson resigns the position two years before the end of his term. With Boshier in charge of protecting the rights of NZers in dealings with the state, men may well […]

The Duluth model for DV is well out of date and holds many fallacies.

Wed 22nd June 2016:

All views of DV are derived from this DULUTH model and it is lazy and wrong that NZ universities are still pushing this crap. All social services and courts are influenced by this as well. In its early days it may have had a positive purpose but not in today’s world where we KNOW MUCH […]

The worst feminist submission that I have ever read !

Tue 21st June 2016:

Not sure if anyone had read this family violence review/ submission? Every statement is all “her” “she” and it’s absolutely rubbish! Link below from the NZ psychological society website. Their submission and review of the DV act 1995. PDF link: Family violence Law Review Submission .

“Without notice” Family Court judicial time – every application takes 16 minutes & 48 seconds

Sat 18th June 2016:

Just thought sharing this, Every Without notice aplication will take on average 16 mins for a judge to decide ? Of course everytime new judge and they don’t have any background of the manipulations and alienation history. 13,543 applications for the year and numbers increasing. “Without notice” Family Court judicial time 316 hours/month 15 […]

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

This NZ Herald story headline question must be rehtorical because everyone knows that there are no ‘good men’. If the reporter were to ask me why I am absent from groups where women frequent then I would answer that I avoid them like the plague. During my 50’s my brain trajectory headed upward nearly a […]

Media Will Now Be Able to Mention the S-(uicide) Word

Thu 16th June 2016:

This new provision has come into law through the Coroners Amendment Act passed today. It may be positive in drawing the public’s attention to the high suicide rate, and it may improve the public’s recognition of the plight of so many men in particular who feel so hated and worthless in the feminist era that […]

Administrative Review – Grounds 8 Capacity to Earn

Hi, We have an administrative review next week and I was looking for some information/case file evidence if anyone can help? The review is under Ground 8 and based on “Capacity to Earn” instead of true financial earnings. Has anyone had any experience with this in the past and would you mind sharing the situation […]

IRD Amendment to Assessments

Wed 15th June 2016:

I do not understand it…..but someone else may be interested and understand it. The one thing that got me was…”This includes assessments the Commissioner makes as a result of a voluntary agreement entered into by parties.” IRD Child Support Reviews

“Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do”

Tue 14th June 2016:

Bear witness in love to drive out hate so that they may see the error of their ways and come to the peace that only he can bring To all those trying to bring peace, please don’t give up. In the end the victory of peace over conflict is assured. Many who have heard of […]

Top judge says mothers should have children taken away if they don’t let fathers see them

Well done this Judge!

Remove Gendered Language From New Zealand Rape Laws

Mon 13th June 2016:

Currently under New Zealand law section 128 which deals with sexual violation there are two options. Rape and unlawful sexual connection. Of the two only men can be charged with rape as it is defined as: “(2) Person A rapes person B if person A has sexual connection with person B, effected by the penetration […]

Alleged Sexism in University Promotions

Today news that ‘among top researchers’ (whatever that means), men at NZ universities are three times more likely to be promoted to professor. Unfortunately there was no indication of this study on the web page of Ann Brower from Lincoln University who was interviewed as someone involved in the research, so it wasn’t possible to […]

Still an Endless Stream of Misandry

Sun 12th June 2016:

Although the tide is turning we are still bombarded by feminist propaganda through both commission and omission. Every time the pussy pass is given to a female offender this is an incident of misandry because it reflects greater punishment for men than for women for the same crimes. This one is old but doesn’t seem […]

Justice Karen Louise Clark Keen to Allow Women to Kill Men

This case received little attention in media but it is quite momentous as a development in the erosion of men’s basic human right to life and the elevation of women to an even more privileged class. When her mother’s boyfriend Mr Watkins, apparently an unpleasant man with a propensity towards violence, became angry and ordered […]

When are we going to speak up loud about NZ fathers’ suffering? and the institutional psychological abuse and torture done by the courts ?

Sat 11th June 2016:

When are we going to speak up loud about NZ fathers’ suffering? and the institutional psychological abuse and torture done by the courts ? i have been stuck in the family court since 10 years and still going and many like me, who are just good fathers ……… the same process starting again with protection […]

The feminisation of society

Wed 8th June 2016:

This Bill Maher video knows how to package up a stinging subject with great humour……

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