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Archive of August 2016

Fathers’ Day Weekend Activities

Wed 31st August 2016:

For those who are lucky enough to have their children this weekend, or any who seek comeraderie in positive activities for families… Father and Child and Family Start Manukau offer free fishing on Sat. off the old Mangere bridge 10am – 2pm – free bait and a few free lines.. Plus Fathers’ Day BBQ / […]

Gulags for NZ Men

Thu 18th August 2016:

Justice Minister Amy Adams and Social Development Minister Anne Tolley this week announced that the government is to provide temporary housing for ‘abusers’ who are ordered out of their own homes through police safety orders and/or protection orders. The reason given is to reduce the likelihood that such ‘abusers’ return to their homes because they […]

University Gym now with women only hours…….

Fri 5th August 2016:

Canterbury Uni Gym – women only hours

Calling for Help to Make Video Presentations

MoMA and an experienced tv and film maker are planning to make a series of video presentations for a YouTube channel and other sites, presenting primarily New Zealand men’s perspective on issues of relevance to them. We need help in all stages of this process from filming, editing and distribution, and we are also calling […]

Appalling sexist journalism from the NZ Herald

Mon 1st August 2016:

I’m disgusted by this story. The headline proclaims “Woman killed changing tyre”. When you actually READ the story, you discover that a man was also killed. So TWO people were killed yet the Herald only thinks the death of the woman is important enough to make it into the headline. Dreadful sexist journalism.

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