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Archive of October 2016

Paul Henry’s ‘perfect titties’ comment brings enlightenment

Mon 31st October 2016:

Paul Henry did an interview in a restaurant and at one point commented on a woman at a neighbouring table saying she had ‘the perfect titties’ and exchanging some further related thoughts with his female publicist. The feminist brigade have responded with outrage while white knights such as Brian Edwards have also waded in. Readers’ […]

Lawyer Child Maintenance Fraud

Thu 27th October 2016:

Hi all, 1. My ex-wife’s lawyer made 3 applications for child maintenance payment. 2. She won all of them against my former lawyers, one of whom did not prepare saying he could get the hearing deferred which he couldn’t, and the other who failed to turn up to represent me for the 3rd application and […]

Family Court Stressed

Wed 26th October 2016:

Radio NZ Article,-lawyers-say Includes two interviews with father’s stories.

The NZ Herald Employs Another Bigot

Rachel Stewart is yet another columnist that treats myths as facts. I am appalled by the abuse dished out to her by trolls but I am equally appalled by her using her position as a journalist to further unfairly denigrate the Chiefs rugby team in ‘For the Love of the Game‘ The Herald itself reported […]

From Gods country to Hell.

Mon 24th October 2016:

The only thing I wanted while growing up in Ireland was to be a Dad. Then in 1997 when my first born came along I thought ‘mission accomplished’, Oh boy , was I mistaken. The first time I held her I knew my life had changed dramatically in an instant, though I watched her kick […]

MoMA Video Clips

Sun 23rd October 2016:

By way of contribution to the male side of gender issues, we have published our first few video clips on YouTube. They are about a major issue for men, suicide. We have commenced with increasing insight into the problem and providing helpful advice, and will soon progress to consider the scandalous political and media treatment […]

Italian Court Fines Mother for Alienating Children

Sat 22nd October 2016:

Woman fined €30,000 for bad-mouthing her ex in front of their kids. The feminists will probably attribute this to Italy still being in the dark ages in showing any respect at all towards men and fathers. The masculinists will probably see this as an initial gesture intended to justify future financial gouging of men believed […]

Judge Mary O’Dwyer

Thu 20th October 2016:

Judge O’Dwyer spoke last month at the National Council of Women’s conference. In that speech she spoke about family violence. To me this is an extreme conflict of interest as she sits in the Family Court. Especially so when she expressed the erroneous view to the National Council of Women that “all” statistics and research […]

Murder? My Arse!

Wed 19th October 2016:

I would love to be a fly on the Jury wall (6 males 6 females) at the murder trial of Gable Tostee.

Is it worth the fight? Updating a parenting plan to reflect actually time in care

Tue 18th October 2016:

Hello All, quick bit of background. I’m the father of a 4.5 y/o girl living in AKL and have been separated from her mother since just after birth. I went through the Family Court back then to get regular visitation as the mother would not allow it. She went as far as accusing me of […]

It’s OK for a mother to take children away… but not OK for a father You promised to bring them back? We get this statement each and every day but it rarely makes news, however when the tables are turned it’s a crime and she reaches out to the media.

Donald Trump and the War Against Men

Mon 17th October 2016:

We don’t much care about the US elections and we’re not fans of Donald Trump for many reasons, but allegations by women about ‘groping’ are not among them. These allegations from women suddenly coming out of the woodwork two weeks before the US election are eagerly supported by mainstream media propaganda machines, most of which […]

Female Teachers Stand By While Pupils Fight

Tue 11th October 2016:

This story today raised some interesting issues. The video recording shows two female teachers at Rosehill College standing right next to some male students who start a fight, punching each other violently with other students egging them on until they intervene when one fighter dominates. The teachers do nothing to intervene. The female principal attempted […]

It’s OK for a Woman to Joke about Serious Violence Towards a Man

Anika Moa has her own NZ television show and when recently interviewed by a male journalist about her show , this is what she said: Anika Moa narrows her eyes and says, “I’ll cut your balls off.” As if that wasn’t menacing enough she then intensifies the threat. “Then I’ll eat them! Like Hannibal Lecter.” […]

Ministry of Justice Spreads More Misinformation

The signs are bad for planned law changes concerning family violence. This ‘fact’ sheet produced by our Ministry of Justice safer-sooner-factsheet provided misinformation right from the start by claiming “We have the highest reported intimate partner violence in the world”. That statement is utter nonsense and the NZ Herald recently had to retract the same […]

David Seymore on identity politics

Tue 4th October 2016:

On 29th September the NZ Herald published a response by ACT’s David Seymore to an article by Lizzie Marvelly attacking him for suggesting that the Ministry for Women be converted to a Ministry for Gender.

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