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Cricketer Fined $10,000 for Offending Feminism

The confused ideology of feminism and its creeping expansion are demonstrated in this story that has seen feminists, their white knights and sycophants objecting to a humourous flirtation by a great sportsman, Chris Gayle, towards a female who interviewed him for live broadcast after he had been dismissed for 41 runs from only 15 balls.

According to, almost immediately in response to the interviewer’s first question:

“I wanted to have an interview with you as well, that’s why I’m here,” Gayle said live on national television. “I get to see your eyes for the first time, it’s nice. Hopefully we can win and go for a drink after…Don’t blush baby.”

Apparently, social media immediately lit up, labelling Gayle’s comments as sexist, ‘chauvinist’ and an affront to women.

The event sparked an apology three overs later from the broadcaster who said Gayle’s comments were not endorsed and that measures would be taken to avoid future such occurrences.

Gayle’s spineless employers failed to stand up for him, instead accusing him of being disrespectful and fining him $10G.

Again from

Prominent Sydney-based veteran sports reporter Debbie Spillane lamented the episode and commented on social media: “You think progress is being made when you see a highly competent and professional sports reporter like Mel McLaughlin in action. And then Chris Gayle treats his post match interview like a pick up opportunity. And blokes all around Australia say how amusing it is. I give up.”

Well, it’s fair enough to describe Gayle’s behaviour as cheeky, unusual in its context, even ‘inappropriate’ for the situation, but really, most of the criticisms were just silly. How can compliments and expressing a hope to share a drink later be ‘an affront to women’? What is ‘sexist’ about such positive, friendly comments? How is it disrespectful to express attraction towards someone? Definitions of ‘male chauvinist’ make it clear that the term applies to males who believe men are superior to women, e.g. more important, more intelligent, more capable etc. Nothing in Gayle’s comments remotely implied any such belief. Perhaps the feminist interpretation of his behaviour arose out of their own sense of inferiority.

One might show a little respect and understanding towards Chris Gayle who had just completed an astounding innings, felt in high spirits as a result and had to face an interviewer and her tv channel who were interested only in profiting from his celebrity appeal and who were certain to ask him the usual inane questions. It’s no wonder that he might have decided to make it more interesting for himself by saying some things out of left field that were nevertheless honest.

Interestingly, on the same day Venus Williams was playing tennis at a tournament in Auckland (what a coup, oh, on second thoughts that comment might through some feminist mental gymnastics be labelled as a sexist affront to women). Several All Blacks including Julian Savea had been roped in as ballboys for an exhibition match by the female tennis players, during which Ms Williams did some dance moves whilst pointing at Mr Savea, then invited him to join her in a ‘dance-off’. This behaviour was reported as harmless fun and appeared to attract no criticism at all. even though Julian Savea could reasonably be expected to feel uncomfortable having that flirtation foisted on him unexpectedly in public with news media recording it and Venus Williams could be accused just as readily as Chris Gayle was of behaving inappropriately. Hey, but when a woman does it it’s ok, men should be able to handle it, etc etc.

The Chris Gayle story might easily be dismissed as celebrity stuff and nonsense, but actually it represents something much more sinister that men would do well to understand. What’s actually happening is that rules and boundaries around men’s behaviour are becoming increasingly unreasonable, restrictive, vague and defined after the fact. Feminist ideology is increasingly elevating women into a position of royalty towards whom males are treated as a lower class who should never be so presumptuous as to behave as if they are equals. Men’s behaviour is increasingly being censored and punished even though it’s completely lawful. Feminism is creating a more and more dangerous minefield for men who can suffer great harm for behaivour that was done in good faith and completely without malice, and this minefield has spread across many spheres including workplaces where all manner of innocent male behaviour is readily defined as harassment; courtship where the lead expected from males is readily treated as harassment, exploitation or sexual offending; and households where men are readily treated as domestic abusers for simply being non-violently assertive.

Make no mistake, the rules are increasingly unclear and unfair and by kowtowing to those rules men are allowing themselves to be relegated to a class akin to that of slaves.

Fortunately, although the public has yet to recognize the full extent of what’s happening they are increasingly recognizing the ideological corruption and excesses of feminism. Many of the social media responses to the Chris Gayle story challenged the feminist response.