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Donald Trump and the War Against Men

We don’t much care about the US elections and we’re not fans of Donald Trump for many reasons, but allegations by women about ‘groping’ are not among them. These allegations from women suddenly coming out of the woodwork two weeks before the US election are eagerly supported by mainstream media propaganda machines, most of which are now feminist gutter press.

Surely, if these women were so incensed by Donald Trump’s alleged sexual assaults they would have complained some time other than just prior to the election?

If they have any truth at all, the most publicized allegations suggest that the circumstances involved Trump trying something on with women with various degrees of encouragement and participation. The point that media don’t acknowledge is that men are expected to take the risk of making the moves towards sexual liaison and thereby to take the risk of rejection or objection. The truth is that if a male does not make some move towards intimacy then he risks being seen as not interested in her, not being virile enough, being too boring, and he may well not be of further interest to her.

The allegations suggest that when the women made it clear to Trump that they did not want him to continue his courtship gestures, he desisted. Given that men are placed in the position of having to make first moves, surely women should accept a responsibility to make their wishes clear when approached. The most any woman can reasonably expect is that a man will desist if she tells him to, not that he won’t make the approach in the first place. However, feminists encourage women to use what’s expected from males against them.

We saw the same violence against Colin Craig (see comment here) from a woman who clearly participated in and encouraged his foolish romancing, then when he did not want to take matters further she made him out to be an harasser. We saw a similar episode with Roger Sutton (see comment here) when one woman on his team couldn’t be bothered telling him she didn’t like his jokes and over-familiar behaviour yet was prepared to go to his superiors and to go public in vicious attacks against him. We saw similar towards John Key from a waitress who couldn’t be bothered telling him she didn’t like his attention towards her pony tail but was happy to embarrass him publicly.

This violence towards males is all OK, apparently.