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Father, Estranged, Homeless…..and dead

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Probably no big surprise to many of the readers of MENZ that we have yet another dead father, Daniel Binder, in the news. Too early to draw any factual conclusions as to the reasons why this father was out on the streets; suffice to say had there been any serious criminal charges against him, he would have been locked up, and presumably safe.

The questions I have are quite simple; did this father have no family or friends who were prepared to house him temporarily until other more permanent arrangements were made? Was there no agency or support available in Te Awamutu to at least give the man shelter for the night?

Condolences to those who were close to Daniel.

Bale body identified as homeless Te Awamutu father

Last updated 13:23, June 30 2016

The man whose body was found in a cardboard bale in Hamilton has been identified as 40-year-old Daniel Bindner, a homeless father of three. Detective Inspector Hywel Jones revealed details of the grisly discovery at a media briefing on Thursday. The body was found at a Hamilton recycling factory.​

Daniel Bindner was last seen at McDonald’s in Te Awamutu on June 21 where his image was captured on CCTV. His body was later found in a cardboard recycling bale in Hamilton.
He was reported missing on Monday- just 24 hours before his body was discovered.

He was understood to be homeless. “We believe he was sleeping rough in the Te Awamutu area…certainly in the days leading up to his death,” Jones said.

Police were focusing on building a picture of Bindner’s movements after he was seen at the McDonald’s in Sloane Street. “From that point we are trying to establish what his movements were,” he said. He wanted to hear from anyone who could help police track Bindner’s movements before and after that date.

Jones said the cardboard Bindner was found in appeared to have come from the Te Awamutu area and they were tracking trucks that worked that route to establish exactly where Bindner was picked up.

​Bindner was described at a European man, about 176 cm tall, of medium build and with dark brown medium length hair.

He was recently estranged from his wife and had three children aged 16, 7 and 5.

Jones said they were receiving support from Victim Support. “They seem to be holding up okay at this time,” he said. Jones said the cause of death continued to be unexplained. “A post mortem was conducted yesterday and concluded yesterday.

“But at this time the results of that are inconclusive. We await further results over further weeks to pinpoint the cause of his death. “We’ve followed numerous lines of enquiry in the Te Awamutu area. “We believe at this point that Mr Bindner was picked up in a reclycling truck and deliver to OJI solutions in Hamilton.” Police scene examinations at the OJI Fibre Solutions recycling plant have now been completed.