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Free Speech & Brian Tamaki

What the media has attempted to do with Brian Tamaki’s sermon on natural disasters should concern people who support this site. Under the ‘Free Speech’ principle Tamaki has a right to give his opinion as much as anyone else. The fact that he bases his theory without empirical evidence is not the point. The fact that his audience think he is correct is also irrelevant. Free speech is the linchpin of our democracy and should be protected unless it can be specifically related to hate speech thereby inciting discrimination or violence, which his sermon did not do. The ignorance of the Press never ceases to amaze me. Tamaki was not speaking for Christians as he was reading from the ‘Old Testament’ which is the Jewish book. St Paul was emphatic that the Torah was not a part of Christianity. If the Press don’t like what Brian says and want to stop him reading from the Torah then perhaps they are anti-Semitic? Tsk! Tsk!

Feminists constantly make derogatory and defamatory statements against males and yet there is deafening silence. Why is that? Across the Universities in the USA (and coming here soon) there is a strong effort to shut down free speech due to female students becoming ‘triggered’ into ‘feeling unsafe’ by hearing something that their belief system finds repellant, particularly when that statement is based on fact with strong empirical evidence.
We need to stand up for free speech even when we disagree with its content but we also need to demand an equal platform to challenge any speech made that we believe has a false premise….Please do something positive and write to the Editor or Producer of any media outlet that gives speech a one sided platform. They will listen…..eventually.