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How can we make Western Women great again?

How can we make Western Women great again? This was a question asked in a Facebook group. One reply seemed worth posting here:

‘We’ can’t make women great again but women can protect and further build their own greatness, through
– becoming more honest about gender issues, women’s privilege and men’s disadvantage as well as the opposite;
– becoming fairer towards men;
– taking responsibility for their own wrongdoing when that occurs;
– discontinuing the idea they are entitled to the assets earned by men before ever meeting them or after abandoning them;
– seeking fair and pro-child (rather than self-serving) financial and child-rearing arrangements following separation;
– sharing their own wealth and assets with poorer male partners as much as they expect to share the wealth and assets of richer male partners;
– giving men credit for developing most of the civilization and technology that women now enjoy and that has enabled women to change age-old cultural, probably biologically-based social systems;
– discontinuing false propaganda and demonizing of men, and stopping blaming men for all evil;
– discontinuing feminist duplicity;
– calling for positive discrimination to increase male representation in fields dominated by women, such as teaching, nursing, child care, midwifery, or alternatively accepting that some fields are more actively pursued by men and will feature mainly men;
– insisting that anti-discrimination laws are applied equally to men and women, e.g. disallowing women-only clubs and services just as men-only clubs are disallowed, curtailing the favoured employment of women for any job or political office, disallowing gender discrimination in tenancy;
– celebrating men’s strength, valour and aggression all of which are relied upon when the need arises, while focusing on the task of containing and redirecting those traits at other times;
– seeking true gender equality in treatment for example as parents, in criminal trials and sentencing, in the lowest-paid jobs rather than only the most privileged and powerful jobs;
– either lining up to do the dirtiest, most uncomfortable, most stressful, most lethal and body-wrecking jobs or accepting and celebrating that the people, mainly men, who do those jobs are paid a bit more for them;
– acknowledging their sexual power as the limited reproductive resource, accepting that men are vulnerable to that power, being honest about taking advantage of that power rather than pretending to resent it, and wielding that power with responsibility and social conscience;
– keeping to marriage and relationship promises and commitments;
– overcoming selfishness, self-indulgence and personal ambition in favour of prioritizing the integrity of the family unit for the benefit of the children and future generations.

However, western societies won’t make women ‘great again’ by restricting their employment, service and role options, by denying them the opportunity for financial independence, by ignoring their wisdom and intelligence in politics and elsewhere, by promoting myths that they are incompetent or weak, by denying them equality in law, by requiring them to conform to unrealistic ideas of beauty, understanding and caring, or otherwise by denying them realism, fairness and equality.