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Legalise Rape – New Zealand Meetings

Supporters of a website led by a man who says rape should be legalised on private property have been invited to meet up in New Zealand.

‘Return of Kings’ founder Daryush Valizadeh has suggested legalising rape on private property was the solution to rape culture.

Updated 3rd Feb 2016

Pro-rape group leader could be barred from New Zealand


Meanwhile, New Zealand men are planning protests in opposition to the Return of Kings meetups.

Auckland man John Palethorpe was part of a group organising a protest against the “pro rape” group.

Hundreds are expected to attend the peaceful occupation – dubbed an “anti-misogyny party” – at Auckland’s Aotea Square on Saturday from 8pm.

Palethorpe said Valizadeh embodied “the sort of aggressive, violent, misogyny women face everyday”.