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New Child Tax assaults in New Zealand

Just in case you weren’t aware, now that the new child support legislation is in place, IRD has launched a new assault on all those deadbeat dads with massive penalty accounts.

IRD were brazen enough to publish their intention when they went into Australia in 2013, under a new agreement to operate in the Australian jurisdiction – media here.

It didn’t take long for their handy-work to come to light via the Australian media when Paul Jenkins committed suicide from some irresponsible employee’s harassment.
They’ve been quiet this time – there’s been no mainstream media about this, but we are starting to see signs of their activity arriving here on Menz.

It doesn’t surprise us that the former Revenue Minister Todd McClay did a runner just beforehand, no doubt he could see a bad moon rising. It’s been left to Paul Goldsmith to weather this storm once the death and destruction becomes visible, but of course some people will be working damn hard to cover this up.

We don’t won’t to see another repeat of the Ashburton WINZ shooting because some unfortunate person takes their frustration out on the front line staff and turns another WINZ office into a warzone over a benefit assignment to the IRD. Innocent people don’t deserve to die because of other people’s madness and irresponsibility. That’s the way we generally look at these things in New Zealand – why some obvious exceptions?

When I see media reports about men in unusual circumstances, as we do in this post, then I start asking the question, what’s tipping these people over the edge?

We only have to look back at the debate on the current legislation going through parliament to see that politicians didn’t do their job, and have infested the country with another legislative mess.

If you’re currently being harassed by IRD child support over historic penalties either in New Zealand or in an overseas jurisdiction update us in the comments, below.