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Remove Gendered Language From New Zealand Rape Laws

Currently under New Zealand law section 128 which deals with sexual violation there are two options. Rape and unlawful sexual connection. Of the two only men can be charged with rape as it is defined as:

“(2) Person A rapes person B if person A has sexual connection with person B, effected by the penetration of person B’s genitalia by person A’s penis,—
(a) without person B’s consent to the connection; and
(b) without believing on reasonable grounds that person B consents to the connection.” (Crimes Act 1961)

The requirement of penetration by a penis excludes all women as rapists. We believe this is an unnecessary distinction and is inherently sexist. We would like to see the gender specific language, (penis), removed from this definition so that all rapists, regardless of gender can be charged with rape.

There have been several recent court cases involving women forcing boys to have sex. If they were men they would have been charged with rape but as women this was not possible.

We believe forced sex regardless of the gender of either victim or perpetrator is rape. The law as it stands denies equality as unlawful sexual connection is not punishable by as harsh a sentence as rape.

It denies victimhood to many females and males who have been forced to have sex by a woman.

In addressing this change in language we hope that it will be easier for victims to report such crimes and seek justice.

If you believe that New Zealand rape laws need to changed so that they reflect gender equality then please sign this petition.