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Sexual Risk Orders

Is this a Yorker?

A man has been banned from having sex unless he lets police know at least one day in advance.

North Yorkshire Police have sought a “sexual risk order” for the man who has not yet been convicted of a sexual offence, but who is thought to be unsafe for the public, according to the York Press.

The man from York must contact the police to tell them of any woman he plans to have a relationship or one-night stand with.

You think I’m making this one up, eh?

Sarah Green, acting director at End Violence Against Women, said such orders were necessary to keep potential victims safe.

But, wait, there’s more …

The man’s use of the internet is also under specific controls which mean he must tell police about every phone that he could use to text, call or access the web with, according to the York Press.

Does this sound familiar?

A full sexual risk order lasts for a minimum of two years, and breaching one can lead to a prison sentence of up to five years, despite no initial sexual offence conviction.

“York Police, how may I help?”

“Willy Bonk here, and I’m planning a fuck.”