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The secret Secret-Court of New Zealand

Anyone who has followed this site will know that New Zealand has a secret court – the Family Court. It is secret in two respects that are abhorrent to justice, firstly, its selective publishing of decisions, and secondly, its restriction on media coverage which extends to judges threatening editors; all in the name of the privacy of the individuals that use its services, not the crooks that run it, of course.

There have been many reports about and protests to the irregularities and lack of due process in this court, recorded on this site.

But, what does a court do that doesn’t want some of its goings-on recorded at all?

It becomes even more secret?

In an attempt to remove child support from the courts jurisdiction and make it a matter of compliance, part of the Family Court became (not just secret in the measures described above) actually secret.

The purpose of this action is to make child support unchallengeable, a non legal issue, a matter of negotiation with the State.

There have been some ugly occurrences associated with this. Lawyers have been threatened to ensure child support cases are not taken to court, and this will continue to happen. This is a billion dollar industry.

A few years ago, and this was reported in the media, a special child support unit was established in an attempt to clear the child support debt. To achieve this it required some rather draconian powers. The ability to operate in another jurisdiction, namely Australia was one such step. Within a very short time the suicide of a New Zealand father living in Australia (link) was reported back here in New Zealand.

Paul Anthony Jenkins, is representative of thousands of men who will die, not courtesy of the tax-man, but executed by a legal system controlled by judges.

And try as you may, you won’t get diddly-squat from any Australian department about the treatment of New Zealand citizens within their jurisdiction.

Fathers living in New Zealand have been equally stunned by the seemingly unrestricted processes, but this is not without the force of the law, just without public record.

This unit in association with the Secret Division of the Family Court is the means by which the process is ‘legally’ undertaken. Its theoretical operation is based on the premise that the child support defaulter is unable to be served papers, and therefore none go any further than the judge. The papers are never placed in the Justice Department and you are not able to retrieve them even if you make a request through the appropriate channels or to the Justice Minister. Neither are you allowed to know the name of the judge who signed any of the warrants for interception of communications, seizure of goods, etc. or are you allowed to challenge these decisions in any other court. You’d be a fool to enter the Family Court.

Warrants to arrest don’t actually exist. The police system is accessed to flag the existence of a warrant. If you’re unlucky enough to get caught by chance, you’ll end up in court by default. Police are very cagey about executing these warrants (signed by ‘a judge’) and they will try to get you to believe that the warrant exists and enter a voluntary process.

If you are in this position, ask for evidence of the existence of the papers upon which the warrant is based from the Justice Department and the warrant will evaporate. The system relies entirely on your naïve belief.

As discussed in the previous post (link), this also impacts the WINZ benefit system. While there is a safety-net in place to prioritise and allocate benefit deductions but not crucify jobseekers or sickness beneficiaries, this secret court issues assignments of benefits to the IRD, which is outside of the normal deduction regime and can leave WINZ customers with varying percentages of their benefit, below the normal minimum amount.

This is fine as long as the affected person is depressed and likely to commit suicide, however some will become aggravated and could even form murderous intent. To front line WINZ staff, they know, no difference, these are simply child support deductions, and the difficult cases are dealt with by managers who are a little more informed. Of course there’s always the possibility that some incensed individual will walk into WINZ with a shotgun and blow a few women away, and the manager who can’t discuss her job with friends or relatives will commit suicide.

That would just be acceptable collateral damage to the above process, and the back story would never be told in the murder trial.

Why, you ask, would a court go to this extent, and risk its credibility. The answer to that is quite simple (apart from the hope they’ll never be held to account) as many of the people being pursued for child support had these debts created virtue of the above secret process we talked about at the beginning of this post.

Imagine a legal process that had to confront its own illegal processes.

Better to pretend it’s all legit and above board and go kill a few people that were victim and witness to their processes.

It’s the disgusting pompous arrogance of a few entitled people who regard the average New Zealander as legally-illiterate panicked-sheep running into fences.

You don’t need to understand some bullshit legal system to know the difference between right and wrong, something that has eluded the current Justice Minister and her predecessor.

While the media cannot or will not report this corruption, those affected should not be intimidated and silenced. You take no greater risk than our young forebears who lay buried in their thousands on the Gallipoli Peninsula in the name of freedom from oppression.