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Archive of January 2017

Dishonest Promotion of Prostitution

Sun 29th January 2017:

Did anyone notice this article in the NZ Herald with the title ‘Kiwis reveal experiences with sex workers’? The title suggested the article might provide us with some tales of warning and insights about keeping ourselves, our wallets, savings, health, marriages and reputations safe should we ever become customers of the prostitute industry. However, the […]

Journalist tries to defend Feminism

Sat 28th January 2017:

Dawn Picken in the Bay of Plenty Times wrote an article called ‘The F word’ (another version exists also with a longer title). Here is our response to her: Dear Dawn We were interested in your article about ‘the F word’ published 27/01/17 and we believe a number of your assertions deserve critique. It would […]

The Success of Feminism

Wed 25th January 2017:

Feminism is really succeeding at having men treated as worthless. This man was injured in an assault by a group of vicious, thieving females and onlookers stood by watching without intervening. The story reflects a number of things. 1. Some women are seriously violent just as some men are seriously violent. 2. Contemptuous, uncaring and […]

NZ first in anti corruption….Yeah Right

The organisation “Transparency International” has just voted NZ first equal for the least corrupt nation through perception , alas without scrutiny of the Family Court. One of the great things about having a secret court system is that no corruption can be detected by society. I may have had a more honest out come in […]

Alice Williams, male-basher

Sun 15th January 2017:

This article, ‘Things I’d do if I wasn’t afraid of appearing masculine’ by Australian intellectual lightweight Alice Williams is a piece of destructive, sarcastic male bashing. We sent the following response but we don’t expect any reasoned reply. Why the NZ Herald would choose this rubbish from what must be a vast array of good, […]

Special Treatment for Women

Thu 12th January 2017:

Special privileged treatment of women by our judiciary and media continues as normal. In one case this week, the Coroner found that a woman killed an innocent person by driving into the victim’s car in a suicide attempt. The killer refused to cooperate with the police investigation claiming she couldn’t remember, she refused to give […]


Mon 9th January 2017:

I will use this post to keep people up to date. First port of call, a letter to Chief Justice, not expecting it to achieve any results although it will send a clear message I am coming for them.

Contempt of Court

Tue 3rd January 2017:

So as part of addressing the failings of the FC I did inform PFCJ Ryan that he is racist along with Von Dadelszen, Boshier and Callinicos. Ive been researching contempt of Court in readiness for them should they get their knickers in a further knot, and was just wondering if anyone has used a term […]


Hi all, Im after copies of the rulings that are mentioned on the “NZ Family Court Precedents (Case Law)” page if anyone has these, I am collecting evidence to take on the Crown and need evidence to show that the FC has been inconsistent. Cheers folks.

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