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Archive of July 2017

Court Action against the Government

Sun 30th July 2017:

Some of you may be aware of some of the issues that I have had over the past two or three years that have spilled over into issues with the New Zealand Police and the Ministry of Justice. I will spare you many of the details for now but I have been assaulted a number […]

Fathers at Parliament Event

Sat 29th July 2017:

FATHERS AT PARLIAMENT The Fathers at Parliament Event will be on the lawn at Parliament on Friday 1st September from 11:00am until 4:00pm. This is the Friday before Fathers Day. All are welcome, especially groups that support the role of fathers in our families. MPs have been invited to attend. This is an opportunity for […]

Use of language ….

Isn’t it odd how this crime is described …. “she was a respected teacher who had made a fundamental error in judgement”. Could you imagine an article about a male teacher saying the same thing or would be instantly be labelled a paedophile ? News Source

Stepfather-Stepson Relational Study

Thu 27th July 2017:

Hi, my name is Sebastian Nunez and I’m a Psychology Honours student at AUT. As part of my dissertation, I am exploring the perspectives of stepfathers on building positive relationships with their stepsons (with the help of my supervisors Rhoda Scherman and Warwick Pudney). As a stepson myself, I found the information on the topic […]

Where are all the Children?

Thu 20th July 2017:

Natural reproduction hits an all time low. Our fertility rate has dropped to 1.87 Whether men want children is probably not the issue here. Women are capable of aquiring a pregnancy if they want, knowing the decision will be fully funded by the State. I’ve heard some misplaced fear amongst the younger generation, but even […]

Virtual Justice

Video links have been used for some time now, within the Justice System, to eliminate minor appearances, for a person in custody. In September the Police arrest process in Central Auckland will be transferred to a new processing unit near Mt Eden Prison. Along with this will come virtual court appearances, where overnight arrests will […]

Gender Equality, Non-Discrimination, Yeah Right

Wed 19th July 2017:

Special Grants only for women to promote leadership skills

Protection Orders – Court of Appeal Decision

Sun 9th July 2017:

News Source This is mostly Catriona Mc whatsit blowing her own trumpet, but the actual decision may be worth looking at for those interested.

Presentations from the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2017

Thu 6th July 2017:

These are now being published on the Ear For Men YouTube channel. The latest one at time of writing: Augusto Zimmermann – The Abuse of Domestic Violence Orders in Australia

Referral for Auckland Legal Aid Lawyer experienced in de facto /sham-constructive trust court proceedings

Wed 5th July 2017:

Can anyone recommend an Auckland or maybe Hamilton based legal aid lawyer competent in de facto relationship and sham/constructive family trust proceedings. Thanks

Suicide And The Hidden Reality

Tue 4th July 2017:

The NZ Herald has run a story on youth suicide. Any story helping to drop the suicide rate is to be commended but why pick youth suicide as though that’s where the BIG PROBLEM lie. Check out this bar chart and you might see my point. For the website go here It should stick out […]

Paula Bennett the Victim of Preposterous Allegations

Mon 3rd July 2017:

A guy called Ashley Farrell claims he was a child when he shared company with Paula Bennett and he experienced her doing things that may have been illegal, while he also claims to have been aware of other things she was doing at the time that may have been illegal in her capacity as a […]

Motion To Amend The Purpose of This Site and to Amend the Governance Policies.

Sun 2nd July 2017:

I have not been a member of this site for very long relative to some of the others, but I find that it’s rules are draconian and support adult censorship; specifically the involvement of John Potter who proclaims to own the site and his minions you proclaim to remove content on the grounds that it […]

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